[Release] Tuya/Lonsonho 1-gang and 2-gang zigbee dimmer module driver

hey @fc352bf0a6929e9fa80f ,

Just a heads up, i purchased this dimmer module

wouldn't work out of box, so I modified the driver and added the mfg ID below in place of _TZ3210_ngqk6jia in the @Field static def modelConfigs

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 40
  • manufacturer: _TZ3210_3mpwqzuu
  • model: TS110E

Seems to work good now.

This is the module I got. My only gripes are that it doesn't support toggle, and parameters like switch state isn't passed (likely a driver issue). Also, I'm getting this error in the logs

2023-01-18 09:08:59.677 PM[error](http://IPAddress/logs?tab=past&deviceId=443#)java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 857 (method parse)

Also, for others, in case you didn't know, you can easily convert Decora toggle switches to momentary switches. Here's a tutorial

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also, I've noticed that control of parent doesn't control channel 2. (eg: on\off\setlevel on parent controls ch1, but not ch2)

Hey, I've just got the QS-Zigbee-D02-Triac-2C-LN installed, but I think I have a problem with the device itself. The fingerprint doesn't make sense and it looks like it thinks it is a motion sensor. Can anyone advise what to do? Is there a way to flash the devise itself to teach it what it is .

Link to what I bought:
€ 20,29 34% Off | Lonsonho Tuya Smart Zigbee Dimmer Switch Module Relay With / No Neutral Smart Life Zigbee2MQTT Alexa Google Home Compatible

  • endpointId: F2
  • application: unknown
  • driver: v1.0.1.1123
  • manufacturer: unknown
  • model: unknown

Any advise would be appreciated.

This is a well-known problem of Hubitat with some new devices. Hopefully, when the new C-8 Zigbee issues are all rectified, the Hubutat team will fix this 'F2' issue as well.

Thanks for responding, so dead in the water with this device with no fix likely for the C-7 (with C-8 fixing it).

Or do you mean by the below, that the team will circle back to fix this issue for c-7 when the c-8 higher priority issues have been fixed?

Am I right in saying that I have to get a C-8? I just bought my C-7 three months ago, and would have liked to kick the buying of a new hub down the road a little. If I'm just buying new lots of devices now they may or may not have newer versions of devices am I going to keep running into this issue?

I have no idea what Hubitat plans are in regard to the old C-7 hubs Zigbee improvements, but TBH, I don't have high hopes... There are just a few devices that suffer from this problem (mostly Tuya), and Tuya support has never been a priority,

Can you delete the device ( click on REMOVE DEVICE button on the bottom right of the device page) and then pair the dimmer again as a new device? You will see a hyperlink "Device Info". Click on it (before setting the device a name) and copy/paste the detailed device information from the popup window.

Done, info below. Thanks for looking at it for me.

Device pairing info

Manufacturer: _TZ3210_pagajpog
Endpoint 01 application: 41
Endpoint 01 endpointId: 01
Endpoint 01 idAsInt: 1
Endpoint 01 inClusters: 0005,0004,0006,0008,E001,0000
Endpoint 01 initialized: true
Endpoint 01 manufacturer: _TZ3210_pagajpog
Endpoint 01 model: TS110E
Endpoint 01 outClusters: 0019,000A
Endpoint 01 profileId: 0104
Endpoint 01 stage: 4
Endpoint 02 application: unknown
Endpoint 02 endpointId: 02
Endpoint 02 idAsInt: 2
Endpoint 02 inClusters: 0005,0004,0006,0008,E001
Endpoint 02 initialized: true
Endpoint 02 manufacturer: unknown
Endpoint 02 model: unknown
Endpoint 02 profileId: 0104
Endpoint 02 stage: 4
Endpoint F2 application: unknown
Endpoint F2 endpointId: F2
Endpoint F2 idAsInt: 242
Endpoint F2 initialized: true
Endpoint F2 manufacturer: unknown
Endpoint F2 model: unknown
Endpoint F2 outClusters: 0021
Endpoint F2 profileId: A1E0
Endpoint F2 stage: 4

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Can anything be done with this device on a c7

Can you temporarily switch to this driver (it is not intended to work with these dimmers, but use it just for a test), then click on the Initialize button and then check whether a simple On/Off command works for the first switch only?

Yes it does work as a simple on / off switch with that (temporary) driver.

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That's good news, it means that the same temporary patch/workaround can be implemented in the Tuya Zigbee Dimmer driver. Hopefully, this weekend.

Great I'd really appreciate it.

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Hi everyone.
As I did read so far, I think my device TS0601, will not work correctly (I do have two units here: one with 1 gang and other with 2 gangs, both with the same behavior: When they pair with HE, they automatically invoke: "Moes ZigBee Wall Switch 1/2/3-Gang" as driver).
The footprints are:
2023-05-02 (1)
2023-05-02 (2)

Please, let me know if some how, I´ll be able to correctly setup these devices

Thanks in advance :wink:

Just to clarify: I already installed and actualized : "Tuya Zigbee dimmer modules (1-Gang and 2-Gang)" Driver from Matt Hammond. The devices didn`t ask for it at the pairing process and don’t respond to it if I set it manually at device´s page.

Hi @baldini ,

The original version of this driver supports TS110F and some of the TS110E model devices.
Your dimmers models are TS0601, and these are supported in a modified version of this driver.

Matt is not very active on the Hubitat forum anymore, so to avoid confusion between the original and the modified versions of this driver, please open a new thread, and put 'TS0601 Dimmers' in the subject. We can continue there.

And I have to decide soon what to do with the modified driver version, it still uses 75% of Matt's code, but there are a lot of changes and a lot of new Tuya dimmers devices added to it. Probably the best approach will be to change the driver name and add the newly named driver in HPM.

Hi Mr @kkossev. The new 'TS0601 Dimmers' Driver specific thread:

Mr Krassimir, I do have the 2 devices (1 and 2 Gangs dimmer with Fingerprint model TS0601) here with me and I`m at your disposal to perform any tests you need to help on the development process of the new driver.

There is a new thread on the "Tuya Zigbee Dimmer Module" :

Please follow up in the new thread.

Hello i purchased2 gang Moe's dimmer and installed your driver and updated with hpm on a c8. First channel works fine but endpoint 2 is not being created as a child device and unable to control it. Fingerprint shows multi endpoint as false. How can this be corrected?

State Variables

:black_circle: deviceProfile: TS0601_DIMMER

:black_circle: lastTx: {cmdTime=1692810735142, pingTime-1692810735140)

:black_circle: lastRx: 0

:black_circle: stats: {switchCtr=37, rxCtr=1002, txCtr=263,

levelCtr-57) :black_circle: driverVersion: 0.6.0 2023/07/30 11:43 PM

:black_circle: bin: -1

:black_circle: destinationEP: 01

:black_circle: states: {IsRefresh=false}

:black_circle: endpointld: 01

application: 44

:black_circle:inClusters: 0000,0004,00


:black_circle: isMultiEP: false


:black_circle: manufacturer: TZE200 e3oltdyu

:black_circle: model: TS0601

:black_circle: outClusters: 0019,000A

:black_circle: softwareBuild:

Thank you!!!!

Hi @user6440 , welcome to the Hubitat community forum!

As the original driver author is no longer active here, please follow up in this new thread :