[RELEASE] Time-Debounced Switch-Off

This is an App to help configuring switch-off events.

I got tired of setting this up on the rules apps... I have more then 30 devices where this is applicable. It is quite an unforgiving adventure to setup debounce there.

With this app we select the switches, input a default time-delay (or device specific ones) and the switch-off events will be triggered in a "time-debounced" fashion.


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What exactly is the purpose of this app? Is it just to make sure switches are not left on forever? :thinking:


Say you set a normal rule for your pantry lights to turnoff in 15 mins once it turns back on. after that the following happens:

  1. at 10:00 AM you turn on the light

    • the rule will set a turnoff event to to happen at 10:15 AM
  2. at 10:10 AM you turn off the light

  3. at 10:14 AM you go back to the pantry, and will spend more then a min there

    • the rule will set a second turnoff event to to happen at 10:29 AM
  4. at 10:15, while you are in the pantry, the rule decides to turnoff the lights.

  5. In this situation we get annoyed, and turn the light back on

    • the rule will set a third turnoff event to to happen at 10:30 am

We could create a second rule which would remove the scheduled turnoff events when the light turns off. But it becomes a little messy...
I have about 30 of these lights, and I maintain their switch-off delay different depending on where they are located. Maintaining the rules is a painful job in this setup...

This app resolves this pain, it allows you to select as many switches as you need in the first screen and configure the delayed switch off time for all of them in a simple way.

Also, it unscheduled the individual switch-off events every time a light is turned off, so the annoyances no longer happen.

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Do you not have any other inputs in your pantry lighting automation to finesse this automation - such as a motion sensor within the pantry, or a contact sensor on the door?

Because should input from sensors exist, it can be used to prevent the lights from prematurely turning off.

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The objective is to turn these switches off after a set while. This is for quite a few exhaust fans and some lights of areas where I visit for a set time (where there are no sensors).


Thank you for the detailed explanation and for sharing your app with the community.


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