[Release] Tile tracker cloud integration

Hubitile allows for associating Tile trackers with Hubitat virtual presence devices corresponding to geofences.


  • Can track any number n of tiles from a given Tile account.
  • Can have any number g of geofences. This translates to n*g virtual presence sensors in Hubitat.
  • Geofences can be entered as circles or polygons.
  • Can have exclusion geofences, meaning areas from where the app will ignore reported positions.


  • Freshness of the signal depends both on a device (typically a phone with the Tile app installed) to see the Tile device and on how often this app reports to the Tile cloud APIs.
  • Accuracy is not always great. The position reported by the Tile APIs is the position of the phone when reported to the Tile backend it was within Bluetooth range of the Tile device, and not of the position of the Tile device itself. For example, any person with the Tile app installed on their phone driving past your house could detect the Tile sensor which would "move" the last Tile device location detected to somewhere on the road. If the Tile app is slow to report the position, then the Tile device will be reported as even further away down the road.
    Exclusion geofences can help mitigate this case.


  • A device, capable of running either Docker containers or Python, that is on the same LAN as the hub e.g., Raspbian or Windows.
  • Maker API app installed and configured in Hubitat.
  • A Virtual Presence device created in Hubitat for each pair of (geofence, tile_sensor) that the app should update.
  • All of these virtual presence sensors are exported in Maker API.

Code and setup instructions are here


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