[RELEASE] Tasmota Sync Broadcaster. Update all your Tasmota devices simultaneously

For the small but growing list of people that are using the Tasmota Sync family of drivers I introduce to you Tasmota Sync Broadcaster which is available here as well as through HPM. There are 3 main goals:

  1. Be able to distribute commands to multiple Tasmota devices with minimum effort.
  2. Make it easy to find Tasmota commands that are used in customizing an environment.
  3. Build a central library of Tasmota commands and Rules that we can all share and benefit from.

This version was revved to 1.1.4 on Sept 25th to includes some updates such as custom list names, an exclusion list and better handling of results.


Step 1 - Populate your device lists and customize list names if desired. Add devices to a permanent exclusion list as required (not shown).

and select the device list you want to use.

Step 2 - Pick a command category.

Select your command.

If you are happy with the command click on "Copy Sample" and it will appear in the text box where it can be edited. If the command contains the word "color" the color picker will be available to help you select the best color.

Step 3 - Send the commands.

Specifics can be found under the logs for each device.

Author Comments
I'd like to build up the collection of Rules that are available within the App so please PM me any rules that you think would be useful or at least informative.

With this tool you can quickly and easily perform an action across many Tasmota devices simultaneously. For example I have about 25 Tasmota devices and upgraded them all simultaneously using this tool which took about 10 minutes including some checking. Previously I have done them one or two at a time and my devices had been on a variety of versions. I have changed the color scheme on all my devices to be consistent, total time 1 minute.
There are many time saving possibilities.

I hope people will find it useful. I've written numerous drivers but this is my first app so please let me know if you run into any issues.


This sounds great, Gary! First thing that comes to my mind is setting ntp server(s), timezone, latitude and longitude, e.g. to get the correct sunrise/sunset times.

I've added the app, will PM you when I have something concrete to suggest.

Those are good suggestions. I’ll see what I can do to incorporate them.

Setting MqttHost might be another useful one, but then logically you should also look at:
MqttPassword (!)

Not sure if the password can be sent securely. I am pretty sure I've seen a TLS setting for Tasmota->MQTT, but I don't think you can talk to Tasmota over an encrypted link.

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Just wondering if broadcaster is managed by Hubitat Package Manager? I don't find it under searches for either "tasmota" or "broadcaster".

If i remember correctly its an option under the Tasmota Sync drivers.

Thanks, yep I found it there. Thanks for your drivers. Are you still maintaining them? I just haven't seen much activity on the forums.

Im fixing bugs if they are reported, but they are pretty solid so not much demand. Most of my activity is going into Tile Builder at the moment.

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