[RELEASE] Sonoff Zigbee Button, Motion/Temperature&Humidity/Contact Sensor Drivers

Hi @markus and thanks for all the help you give everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that today I did three things:

  1. Opened my SNZB-04 to get it set up
  2. Updated my Hubitat to latest
  3. Found generic driver did not work so I installed your driver here

Interesting thing I observed is even though I installed your driver into my environment, I did not use it yet and the contact sensor works. I followed your instructions of re-adding without deleting device...and it just worked even before I changed to your driver!

I am using the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp) driver.

Thanks again for what you do to help the community. Seems support is baked in now which is nice to see....at least for this new Sonoff contact sensor.


My SNZB-04 units arrived today... (ordered 4, delivered 2) :confused:

Anyway, installed your Sonoff Zigbee Contact Sensor driver and all working perfectly! Thank you.

Do I need to be on for these to work?
I have received a handful and struggling to pair on 2.2.2 using your device driver

I've now upgraded to 2.2.3 in the hope this would help but I am unable to get the contact sensors to pair.

I don't see a LED light at any point no matter how long I hold the button for. Where is the light just to check I am not being totally dumb!

Have tried with the batteries that shipped and also a few known good ones

Further development on the above, I have just had another 4 arrive. This time a batch of 4 from Banggood and these all paired first time!!

The initial 4 (i only ordered 2!) were from Itead directly and the battery feels a little loose in them... much more secure in the BG ones

SNZB-04 Contact Sensor PCB

Inside Case

3 - Copy

Depending on the case/LED it can be very dim in normal operation.
Mine also have a poor contact to the battery with the cover off. No problems when re-assembled so far.

I managed to sort the Itead supplies ones by pressing the battery surround a little to force the battery to sit closer to necessary contacts!
Now it's time to get installing them...

Has anyone uses these with the aim of replacing Xiaomi? As Xiaomi are erratic I think this will be my long term aim...

My experience is the opposite, I have had better luck with Aqara devices. I am still working on my mesh. The ones giving me trouble are possibly to far way from a repeater.

I just opened mine and got it setup using the stock Generic Zigbee Motion driver. It has a 2 minute cooldown and that does not appear to be selectable along with any sensitivity or any other settings.

Is support for all of these devices baked in now?

@markus, do your drivers here give some added features that I'm not quite picking up on?

Thanks for your work on this, by the way.

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The Aqara T1 sensors with ZB3.0 are out, I'm heading over to pick some up at the local Aqara store in a few hours. Just thought I'd let you all know :slight_smile:

The device doesn't have a 2 minute cooldown, it has 60 seconds from the latest sensed motion, so for example if it senses motion 59 seconds after the first motion it will not send the inactive event until after another 60 seconds. So then the total time would be 1 minute and 59 seconds as long as there is no more motion after that being sensed.

Presence, some additional configurable features like virtual switches and other things. They are basically just my take on Generic drivers, if the built-in one works for you and that is all you want, no need to run mine. I doubt you get any more speed out of the built-in ones than you get from mine though. They are fairly optimized.

Just got a couple of these delivered in a week to australia :astonished: a motion and contact sensor and running fine with your drivers thanks @markus. They are a little cheapish looking and the motion sensor deciced to fully come apart when i removed the battery door and bend the negative battery terminal. Had to bend that back and now it's fine but it might be something to look out for if they don't seem to work.

Just received a Button SNZB-01, forgot to install the driver first so it was detected as an Orbit Controller, complete with 12 zones.

SNZB-01 Discovery

To set things right had to switch the driver to:

Remove all child devices and then change the driver to:

All good now. :smiley:

I had my Sonoff motion sensor and button arrive in Melbourne (eBay seller took significantly longer than a week, but they came with batteries).

I had the same issue with the motion sensor and then had false detections, I assume due to a loose battery.

The button works very well too. Thanks @markus for creating and sharing the drivers


Bwahaha. Mine did too and I thought it was the (suspected) grow-house next door, so quickly disconnected.

Just installed today, the driver is showing 5 buttons, does anyone know what features are available upto now
single press button 1
double press button 2
long hold button 3

do we know if any other options are available (eg buttons 4 &5, release)?

This may not bee the correct place to ask. I'm using this driver with the Sonoff SNZB-02,Driver works great. I would like to display the temperature along with the humidity instead of the battery on the dashboard tile. Is this possible. This is how it displays now.


BTW, I bought these on ebay and they came with batteries.

I cannot get the SNZB-03 to pair. I press and hold the button via the pinhole and it blinks 3 times After a few seconds. Then the HE times out after a minute and nothing. I hold the button just a second longer after the 3 flash and then a single flash, wait a minute and the HE times out again. Nothing found. I hold the button for the entire minute, and the HE times out not finding anything. I bought 3 of these and none work. I do manage to get the SNZB-02 to work without any problem. Am I doing something wrong?

Update - turns out it was the battery contacts. I had an issue like this with a couple of smartthings buttons in the past. Oddly enough, the lights will flash, but somehow, the contact was too poor to properly boot up? Either way, I bent the contact pins up to make better contact, and each one then worked like a charm by holding the reset in place for about 20 seconds.


Oh great... I'm glad you were able to identify the issue and had an easy fix. I am actually waiting on an order of 4 motion sensors still from Itead. Hopefully, they'll arrive soon.

Did anyone get the temperature and humidity working? It seems not not work for me - I'm not getting reports of either, but do get battery percentage.