[RELEASE] Simple Kitchen Timer with Controls for use with Dashboards

Is it possible to change the timer value using a dashboard connector (eg. change the value on a tile or update from a global variable)?

Interesting. I'll take a look later today.

Not that I know of.

Oh sorry Bryan. I didn't word it very well. I meant.... Would you be able to add a function to allow the timer to take its length/duration from a global variable instead of being hard coded. This way we could have another little tile using a connector, to allow the timer duration to be set (eg, 1 0 minutes, 20 minutes etc) before activating the timer. Would just make it more flexible. Sorry, if it's a load of hassle please don't worry about it.

Thank you. Did I explain we’ll enough what I am trying to do? I am trying to leave a button on the porch that resets the timer that’s counting up, I think that would work. Thank you again

Actually I think I’ve found a different solution. Thank you

Nope. Too much work for this 'simple' timer. :grin:

Sounds good.

Understood. I found another solution!

New version on GitHub...

1.0.5 - 06/19/20 - Added The Flasher, all speech now goes through 'Follow Me'

Hey, first off all great App. I was wondering how one can change the different color interval values. (eg. change the color when timer becomes <60s instead of under 10 seconds) Thank you very much

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You would have to go into the code and change the numbers to suit your preferences.

Where are these parameters located? Unfortunately I have not found it in die Parent or the Child Drivers.

Driver, lines 251-254

Ah, my bad, thanks!

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