[RELEASE] Simple Irrigation


Is there any way to add a pushover notification for when the valve has opened, and closed?


You could setup a WATO rule on the valve variable/state and tie that to a rule machine for notification. I am working on that right now in my setup.


Sure, check out the new version on Github...

V1.0.3 - 05/13/19 - Added pushover notifications


Thank you so much! Now this will be perfect!


I do not have a weather station as I stated in an earlier message. Using WATO I created this rule in the screen shots. Do you see any reason why this rule would not work for me since I can’t add a virtual weather switch?


Why not? Anyone can create a virtual switch. Just select 'add virtual device' and use Type: 'Virtual Switch'.

This is how I have my rain device setup in WATO... Just need it to turn a virtual switch. on/off.

Then use that device in Simple Irrigation.


Thank you for the example. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole rainfall virtual switch. I just set it up as you showed me but with APIxu. Does the app take into account only current rainfall? Right now it is not raining, but it poured down earlier today. If the rainfall virtual switch shows a current value of 0 tomorrow will my sprinkler still come as scheduled? The ground will already be soaked from the previous day. The only attributes I have is precipitation inches, and precent precipitation.


SI only looks to see if the virtual device is on or off. It's up to you to decide when this device is either on or off and for how long.


My virtual switch notification sends me a message at 7 am stating my timer is now closed when it should be open at this time.


If this question is about SI, then I'll need to see how you have SI setup, not wato.



Not seeing any out of the ordinary. Please be sure to capture a log on the next run and post that here.



One thing I noticed was your in your WATO settings is your Value?* is 0.02, and below that it is [0.35]. My second number is [0]. I am unable to change this number. the purpose of this number?


That is the actual value of the device.



Ok, looking at your logs, it didn't pass the weather check. That's why you are getting the message that your valve is off. What's the status of your Weather-Rain device, on or off? I can (almost) guarantee it's on, when it should be off.

If it is on, go ahead and turn it off so the SI child app will run. Hopefully that will also get your Wato in sync with the device status and things will run smoothly for you.


Thanks! Everything is working perfectly.


will you add the ability to control switches as well as valves, pretty please?

I use a NC solenoid connected to an outdoor z-wave smart switch to control my irrigation.



I actually have a separate app already modified for devices. Bad news is I can't upload it to GitHub until Tuesday.


So I dig this setup, but I have a question:

Can we get a notification trigger or something so I can have it notify if it didnt water due to weather? I see it noted in the logs, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to trigger a notification based on log entries. (that I've seen)