[RELEASE] Silvercrest Doorbell HG06668 (Heiman HS2DB)


Driver for Silvercrest Doorbell

This driver will add the doorbell as a pushable button and it adds the tamper detections from the device. This means you can add a warning if somebody tries to remove it.
The Silvercrest is originally supplied by Heiman. Thus, the driver will most likely also work with the Heiman HS2DB Smart Doorbell. (not tested yet)

I'm awaiting a pull request before it is added to the Hubitat Package Manager.
In the meantime it can be installed using the following links:
Import URL
Install Guide

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I can confirm this driver works, though not at first.
Because it didn't work immediately I tried other internal HE drivers when finally returning to this driver and found it working then, both the button and tamper detection.

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