[RELEASE] SendGrid Email notification plugin

Got distracted and forgot to set this up. Just did it this morning and wow, is this an easy way to enable text notifications, especially when compared to other options. Even I could figure this out. :wink:

Thanks very much for putting this together, closes a key gap in HE notifications capabilities in a very slick way. Five stars! :smiley:

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@brianwilson, can you describe what the "Send with High Priority" setting does? Is it asking HE to work faster, or adding a flag that affects SendGrid or our text provider? Just curious how it works and who I am poking w/a stick to make them go faster... :slight_smile:

It sends with an exclamation point/urgent message. Doesn't make HE work any harder

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Verizon appears to be blocking my emails to their text system...sendgrid shows an endless number of these in my Blocks list on their site. I didn't do anything to enable this block, but it's been added to a spamhaus block list.

Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?

554 vzw-ibgw-5002a.stratus.cloudmark.com cmsmtp Connection Rejected - see http://www.spamhaus.org/query/ip/

From the Spamhaus blocking site...from the details there it says the IPs being used to send my messages are associted w/phishing activities...the IP that is blocked is a Sendgrid IP.

Removal Procedure

To have record SBL499118 ( removed from the SBL, the Abuse/Security representative of sendgrid.com (or the Internet Service Provider responsible for supplying connectivity to needs to contact the SBL Team by email (use this link) to explain how the abuse problem has been terminated (we need to know exactly how the issue has been dealt with and that this abuse problem is fully terminated). If the abuse problem that caused this listing has been terminated we will normally remove the listing from the SBL without delay.

It is essential that emails to the SBL Team about this SBL listing include this exact ticket information in the email Subject:

If you are a representative of sendgrid.com, you also need to see: Current Live sendgrid.com SBL Listings

Opened a ticket and got a reply from Sendgrid on the blocking...looks like it's my random bad luck to be in an IP pool w/some spam-happy losers who are using Sendgrid for evil intent...one way (maybe only way) around this seems to be to open up a second Sendgrid account and hope I end up in a shared IP pool with better behaved members.

Rares (SendGrid)

Nov 6, 2020, 2:38 AM PST

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to SendGrid Support Team! My name is Rares and I'll be more than happy to assist you in this matter.

Thanks for reaching out to us and reporting this IP blocklisting. When sending email through an account that is under the Free or Essentials pricing package, your account will be utilizing a shared IP pool. Being grouped with others in a pool of shared IP's can offer several benefits, especially if you are only sending a moderate amount of email.

Although there are benefits to sending on shared IP's, there are also risks which can sometimes produce unintended negative consequences. If some of these users display poor sending habits or behavior, it can negatively affect others (you) within the group.

There are many different blocklists, and not all are created equal. Blocklistings are usually temporary, but due to the nature of how shared IP sending works, they do come and go. The impact to an email program can be extremely varied usually depending on what domains you're trying to send to. For example, blocklisted IPs could have little to no negative impact on delivery for senders focusing their traffic to larger inbox providers, while sending to smaller domains or inboxes could have a higher impact.

Please know that SendGrid is unable to move accounts to different shared IP pools, but our systems will programmatically move accounts to different pools based on reputation and internal logic.

SendGrid is also unable to move IPs in and out of pools because it gives the impression of Snowshoe Spamming; A strategy where spam is propagated over several domains and IP addresses to weaken reputation metrics and avoid filters, which can make things worse. We do however proactively monitor our shared IP pools and attempt to mitigate all blocklisted IP's as soon as possible.

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Just install it and it works perfectly. Thanks for the driver. I can't find any ISP supports port 25. And I don't have a local server. This solution works for me best.

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Just installed the driver from the package manager, added the virtual device and setup a sendGrid account, verified email, got API key.

I have setup the device and sent a test notification, it shows up within a minute or less on the SendGrid activity page as delivered, however I get no email (checked SPAM) and the Events button, with debug logging enabled for the device, has no entries.

SendGrid acts like it's sent, virtual device doesnt act like it did anything, and I get no emails.


Personal domain or gmail? Often times the providers filters filter it out. I’d sendgrid shows it’s sent, it’s sent.

outlook.com, i checked Spam and didnt see anything, however from about the 6th test onward it started saying "not delivered" so I suspect some spam algorithm must have applied and they went from quarantine somewhere (I still can't find) to just plain blocked.

Thank you this was easy to install, setup a free SendGrid account, then used with my personal domain. Switched over from Cobra's email driver.

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I can get emails sent to my verizon vtext addy but not to the vzwpix addy. Odd.... there's no errors at any step of the way thru either. Everything says ok but no message received.

Vzw and AT&T have significant filtering on their email to SMS gateway. We’ve run into issues at work with folks who rely on that for prod service outage notifications. We were able to get it allow listed but that’s a corp account. Ymmv.

WOW amazing, couldn't get sendmail or hemail to work, this worked right away.
Anyway to include this in Rule machine?
looking to set up a rule where if water sensor detects water to send out email/sms

It’s a notification plugin. It’ll work wherever notifications work.

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Works great. Thanks for all the work.

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