[Release] Scene Switch app (beta)

Scene Switch app for Hubitat

Use one switch to toggle scenes.

  • Specify which switches to turn off

  • Specify switches to turn for up to 3 scenes

  • When scene switch is turned off it activates the next scene and turns itself back on, unless that whas the last scene

  • Turning any of the linked switches in the Off group on turns the scene switch on in a "override" mode, in which the next scene is Off

Usage example:

  • Use a downstairs switch (dummy switch, not wired to any light) to be able to switch off all lights upstairs, and turn on only a subset of those lights

App Installation

  1. On the Hubitat hub, go to the Apps Code page and click + New App

  2. Copy and paste the contents of scene-switch.groovy and Save

  3. Click + New App again

  4. Copy and paste the contents of scene-switch-instance.groovy and click Save

  5. Go to the Apps page, click Add User App, select Scene Switch and click Done

App Usage

  1. Click on Scene Switch_ in your apps list

  2. Click on Add a new Scene Switch

  3. Choose the scene switch

  4. Choose the linked switches for different scenes

  5. Click Done


Your feedback is welcome.


Scene Switch App v1.0.1 - fixes and improvements

  • fixed incorrect behavior when switching between multiple scenes
  • improved handling of switch events to be more reliable

Scene Switch App v1.1.0: scenes are now toggled with rapid off and on on the scene switch.

  • Previously if you had multiple scenes you had to press the scene switch multiple times to switch all linked lights off
  • Now turning the switch off will turn off all linked lights (after a configurable delay), or if switched back off within the configurable delay it will go to the next scene.

Hey muxa, I'm trying the scene switch app, but it does not work as I understood it.
Hue light linked with the CoCoHue integration app
Pulled lights and Scene from Hue (which as switches in Hubitat)
I have a zooz wall switch Zen26

I want to toggle through scenes when I press on the upper button on the wall switch (If off > turn Bright on else if Bright on then turn Dimmed on, else if Dimmed on turn Nighlight on, else turn Bright on)

Is the scene switch designed for such scenario?

Unfortunately the scene switch app is not designed for this scenario. Your best best is using a Rule Machine.

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