[Release] Scene Switch app (beta)

Scene Switch app for Hubitat

Use one switch to toggle scenes.

  • Specify which switches to turn off

  • Specify switches to turn for up to 3 scenes

  • When scene switch is turned off it activates the next scene and turns itself back on, unless that whas the last scene

  • Turning any of the linked switches in the Off group on turns the scene switch on in a "override" mode, in which the next scene is Off

Usage example:

  • Use a downstairs switch (dummy switch, not wired to any light) to be able to switch off all lights upstairs, and turn on only a subset of those lights

App Installation

  1. On the Hubitat hub, go to the Apps Code page and click + New App

  2. Copy and paste the contents of scene-switch.groovy and Save

  3. Click + New App again

  4. Copy and paste the contents of scene-switch-instance.groovy and click Save

  5. Go to the Apps page, click Add User App, select Scene Switch and click Done

App Usage

  1. Click on Scene Switch_ in your apps list

  2. Click on Add a new Scene Switch

  3. Choose the scene switch

  4. Choose the linked switches for different scenes

  5. Click Done

Your feedback is welcome.


Scene Switch App v1.0.1 - fixes and improvements

  • fixed incorrect behavior when switching between multiple scenes
  • improved handling of switch events to be more reliable

Scene Switch App v1.1.0: scenes are now toggled with rapid off and on on the scene switch.

  • Previously if you had multiple scenes you had to press the scene switch multiple times to switch all linked lights off
  • Now turning the switch off will turn off all linked lights (after a configurable delay), or if switched back off within the configurable delay it will go to the next scene.