[Release] Samsung Multiroom WiFi Audio


I will look into problem. However, there is another way to control the device:
capability "AudioNotification"
command: playText(Text, Volume). Can also use other commands: See below.

If this works, I will fix other problem in next release. If not, I will fix now.


I haven't had a chance to look and try to make changes yet, but this popped up which I think is relevant:


There was also a bug in the previous Hubitat release that is corrected now. So see if it works as-is first.


Would it be possible to connect to the HW-N850 soundbar with this app / driver?

It's a ST connected bar.


It (the HW-N850) is very unlikely to operate at all. The integration is for Samsung Multiroom Audio devices (use a special port and protocol).
I will update title and put a note in top of thread.


It was indeed fixed, but I had to go through and re-save the audio notifications in RM. I deleted and reinstalled the Notification app. They both work now.


I was afraid of that. Thanks for the quick reply though.



Added capability to pass duration with track data on the playTrack methods.
Installation :

Using the playTrack functions command line interface examples:
Play a track using default 15 second duration:

Play a track, specifying duration:



PS - The audio notification files entered via playTrack use the same queue as the speak and playText methods. All will play in the order received.


I am getting errors.


You have a soundbar. Prior to doing a play text of any type, you need to enter the API key from "Voice RSS - Registration". (the hubitat-generated TTS mp3 will not play on the Samsung Soundbar. Probably a sample rate limitation within the soundbar.)



I removed speakers and application. Rebooted hub and reinstalled.
Speakers will not speak. Getting error.


Sadly, you will have to remove again then re-install. I messed up!

In about 5 minutes the App will be updated. (I updated the driver for someone the other day but did not have time to update app.

Run the app. It may not show devices first. Exit and run again.

Note i did a reinstall using the 3.x driver and app. It worked well. They are also the versions I use at home (for now).


Thank you very much! Working now.