[Release] Presence Monitor

We probably don't need ANOTHER presence monitor but I made one anyway. I needed something similar to Presence Plus and Presence Governor but a bit different. Basically I wanted to be able to list a device that "if present means I am here" (Wifi sensor), but then be able to list a bunch of other ones that if N are present or N are not present then I'm here/not here. I don't know how much I really plan to maintain this, it was more for personal use, but figured I'd put it out there if anyone finds it useful!

Note: While I didn't use his code I did reference @bptworld's Presence Plus to make this.

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I find your presence monitor pretty darn useful. Can I just clarify one thing, though? Same thing I asked Bryan about Presence Plus.

Say I have three sensors that combine for not present and I set up the app so that 2 of them must show "not present" for the master device to change to away. Does that mean 2 sensors are in a "not present" state (one sensor triggered and the other sensor was already not present), or does that mean 2 sensors both changed states to not present within a certain period. I'm guessing it's the former, just trying to understand how the logic operates.

Part of why I ask the question is an edge case that I think has got my knickers in a twist with Presence Governor: 4 sensors combine for not present, three of which must show not present for departure. And the same 4 sensors combine for present, only one of which must show present in order to speed the arrival event. If, upon returning home, one and only one sensor becomes present, then the master changes to present, but then I have 3 sensors not present, satisfying the departure criteria. So I get this crazy behavior of arrived-departed-arrived. How would PMon handle this?

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