[RELEASE] Precipitation and Weather Monitor for National Weather Service Data (USA Only)

I just started seeing the following error

2024-06-07 02:57:17.053 PMerrorjava.net.UnknownHostException: w1.weather.gov: Name or service not known on line 343 (method refresh)

Tried a quick DNS lookup on w1.weather.gov and it is missing now on both google and cloudflare DNS. Not sure if this is a temporary issue or permanent or something else beyond my limited knowledge?

EDIT: sorry I should have scrolled back further. I now see the note about a changed url. Will you be posting that update soon or can you share the new url?



Line 339 of the driver. It doesn't work completely but I get the basic data I want.

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I have an updated version running without errors. I plan on publishing it tomorrow.

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Version 1.1.0 has been published via HPM. Release notes are:
Simplified some of the calculations.
Accomodated a change in the URL used by the NWS for retrieving this data.
Fixed bug with totals when period spans across months.
Added a CheckWateringThreshold so it could be called externally if desired.


There used to be a precip24hr attribute, that doesn't seem to exist now.

Maybe this is something that changed in the data being provided in the API. The attribute disappeared after I manually changed the URL. Although not initially, as I am pretty sure it was there when I checked it right after making the update. Sometime later when I checked my dashboard the tile that was supposed to show that attribute showed an error.

Never mind, did a clear all and refresh and it came back.

It wasn’t visible because the initial value was null. Once it was populated with data it became visible.