[RELEASE] Philips Hue Zigbee Driver (not using Hue Bridge)

So now, in addition to having no clue as to how the hue integration is supposed to control the new bulb, I have new problems.

I'm really beginning to doubt the C-8. This morning, 5 sengled bulbs, connected to 2 ljtron ojcos were all working as expected. Now (7pm) the bulbs don't respond to commands. The logs and events indicate that the C-8 "bdlieves" that it has sent commands but, without some kind of zigbee sniffer, there really isn't any way to know whether commands are actually being broadcast or not. It's hard to imagine that 5 bulbs would have failed simultaneously.

I'm very perplexed and confused

I only have 2 of my Hue bulbs directly connected to HE using this driver (most of my Hue lights are on my Hue bridge and integrated with HE via CoCoHue).

I need these 2 bulbs direct on HE so I can directly bind them to one of my Inovelli Blue switches.

The downside to directly connecting to HE is that you don't get the Hue updates very quickly (HE staff has to get them and load them, which can lag quite a bit).

I knew there was a Hue update available for these 2 bulbs, so today I removed them from HE (after swapping in virtual device placeholders) and re-paired them to my Hue bridge to get the update.

Once done, I factory reset each bulb and re-paired them to HE. They initially paired back in as just a plain "Device". For each bulb, I changed the Device Type to this driver, then configured the parameters as desired, then hit the Configure button at the top of the Device page. Then I swapped back out the virtual device placeholders, and everything was working exactly as before.

If you pair the bulb(s) directly to HE, there is no "hue integration" involved per se -- they are simply treated as a plain ol' zigbee device/bulb. This driver simply plays to the specific strengths that Hue offers as a particularly awesome zigbee bulb.

Well, I may have to accept the fact that 5 sengled bulbs faile en-mass.
I reconnect the c-7 and restored a backup from 6 mnths ago. The 5 bulbs in question are still unresponsive. Other sengleds elsewhere n the hose are still working as expected.

So I guess I'm left trying to nderstand why the hue integration seems to have no buttons to turn the bulb on/off or set the level. Are the hidden somewhere else? Is there another spp that I was supposed to have installed?

If I understand Chris H, apparenlty I can use the hue bukb directly as a zigbee device without the integration alrhough, when I tried that initially, the bulb would not pair.

I'm still totally lost.

Thanks everyone so far. Any more suggestions about what to do next would be appreciated.

The latest twist:

As I mentioned 7 of 9 bulbs in the room stopped responding to commands. 6 refused to turn on and 1 refused to turn off.

I happen to have a sengled hub. I reset all 7 bulbs and successfully paired them to the sengled hub. They all work as expected.

Again, I hzve no idea why everything in this room suddenly started behaving erratically since I migrated to the C-8, and I have no evidence that the C-8 has a problem because the rest of the house is working normally. These 7 (actually all 9) bulbs are all within 15 feet of the HE, so it can't rezlly be a repeater issue.

In this room automation is essential because the only manual control that I have is to kill the circui feeding 9 bulbs.

I wish/hope that someone can explain what's going on sith the sengleds and why the hue integration has no butons to actually control the bulb.

As you can imagine, this is very frustrating.

It's definitely frustrating when things don't work as hoped - we can relate to experiencing that one point or another!

Since this thread topic isn't about Sengled, you may want to consider posting about the Sengled issues in a net-new post to get a wider audience of folks who are smarter about Sengled. I don't use any Sengled bulbs, so I unfortunately don't have any experience with them.

In your last post here, you mention "hue integration" again - can you please be more specific about what exactly you mean by that term?

A Hue bulb paired using this driver (i.e. the driver that this whole thread is about) offers all options for on/off/dimming, color control as applicable etc.

You can see how confused I am. I've got the hue bulb working now. The problem was the lack of guidance on how to configure the device after pairing.

I will post the sengled stuff separately

thank you

I've got a new, also perplexing, problem.

I paired 4 hue white bulbs using zigbee and the hue zigbee driver. 2 each on different picobutton controllers. The 2 bulbs on one controller flash 3-4 time before settling in the on state. The 2 on the other button controller do not flash

I the reset one of the flashing bulbs and paired it to a hue bridge. If I turn on the bulb with the hue app it does not flash.

I then paired the hue hub and its bulb to the hubitat and added the bulb to the pico controller with the flashing bulbs.

When I turn on, both bulbs on that pico flash, the 2 on the other pico do not flash. When I had sengled bulbs linked to these picos they never flashed.

This seems very strange. Any thoughts?

got it working here no big troubles...
Just a question. the 'effect' part... is it normal it just changes color once it's activated or is there a real effect like dimming and changing colors more 'radomly'?

Mine just change color once and that's it... would be nice to have effects... like rainbow... flickering candles or something like that... anything like that would be super-cool.

Do ppl still use 'cool'?

Thanks for this driver.
I have tried it on my Phillips Hue white bulb (bluetooth/Zigbee).
I have noticed that the driver does not report the switch level and makes it difficult to control when displaying on dashboards, is this the intended behaviour?
The generic zigbee driver does show the switch level, please advise, thanks.

Device - Hue white

Phillips Hue white driver

Generic Zigbee driver


dev:20722023-06-20 04:28:56.237 PMinfosetLevel (30, null)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:28:54.332 PMinfolight was turned on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:28:54.232 PMinfoturn on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:26:38.025 PMinfolight was turned off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:26:37.907 PMinfoturn off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:25:36.461 PMinfosetLevel (30, null)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:56.268 PMinfolight was turned on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:56.119 PMinfosetLevel (50, null)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:27.168 PMinfopresetLevel (50)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:19.385 PMinfolight was turned off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:19.279 PMinfoturn off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:12.991 PMinfosetLevel (50, null)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:04.446 PMinfolight was turned on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:04.284 PMinfoturn on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:02.465 PMinfolight was turned off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:24:02.383 PMinfoturn off

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:53.989 PMinfoturn on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:44.765 PMinfozigbee group memberships: [] (capacity available: 25)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:44.573 PMwarnzigbee read private cluster 0xFC03 attribute 0x0002 error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:44.363 PMwarnzigbee read private cluster 0xFC03 attribute 0x0001 error: Unsupported Attribute

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:44.159 PMinfopower restore mode is 'Last State' (0xFF)

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:44.005 PMinfodevice firmware version is 1.53.3_r27175

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:43.816 PMinforefresh

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:40.685 PMinfoturn on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:39.796 PMwarnzigbee configure reporting error: Invalid Data Type [8D, 00, 00, 00]

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:39.281 PMwarnzigbee configure reporting error: Unsupported Attribute [86, 00, 02, 00]

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:38.789 PMinfoconfigure: attempting to enable state reporting

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:38.785 PMinfoconfigure: setting power restore state to 0xFF

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:38.783 PMinfoconfigure...

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:33.781 PMinfoturn on

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:31.137 PMinfohealthStatus was set to online

dev:20722023-06-20 04:23:31.029 PMinfoturn on

Your Hue bulb firmware is too old. I see yours is 1.53 which I think is from around 2020. The current version is 1.104:


@jonathanb -- speaking of 1.104, I noticed a new error log since I updated my 2 Hue 75w white-ambiance bulbs on Saturday...

I device-swapped in 2 virtual bulbs so I could pair them to my Hue bridge to update from 1.101.0 to 1.104.2 - that was successful, as was the move to bring them back into HE.

But since then, I'm occasionally seeing this in my logs (1800 and 1801 are the 2 bulbs) -- I haven't noticed any performance issues at all though -- they still work great. Well, heck, I'm pretty sure these errors weren't popping before, but I could be wrong - I've only noticed them after the firmware update.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your reply, all working now after the firmware update!



Current states


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Hit the configure button and see if the error goes away. Its probably looking for a state called "ct" that has the low and high values for color temperature which maybe got lost during the update? Configure should write values to the state.

Right on, done now, and I'll let you know if that doesn't do the trick. Thansk again!! :+1:

I've just finished replacing all my sengled bulbs with hue. I was hoping to pair them directly and not use the bridge.

I encountered 2 issues that might be driver-related.
1 - a cojple of the bulbs blink 2-3 times every time they are switched on
2 - several of the 9 hue bulbs could not be paired. This after 5 resets and trying all 3 pairing options.

All 9 bulbs paired immediately with the hue bridge so I reset all the bulbs once again and am using that now. Works perfectly

Thank you

Unless you are using zigbee binding direct to a (zigbee) switch, there's really no significant advantage to pairing Hue bulbs direct to HE.

I keep all but 2 off my Hue bulbs on my Hue bridge and then integrate then into HE using CoCoHue -- it works like a champ.

One big advantage to keeping them on the Hue bridge is you'll always have the latest firmware b from Hue.

Zigbee direct binding is pretty darn cool, but in most cases, it's not any kind of must-have or killer feature.

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Thanks again. I don't think that I really grokked the direct thing. The hue bridge is working really well. I'll stick with that.

It's so nice to have everything stable and working again after the chaos of the past 2 weeks!

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Somehow I missed the release of this driver and just stumbled on it a couple of days ago. What an absolute winner. I've been able to take my Hue bulbs off of the hue hub with the pre-staging feature opened up. That way my sunrise routine come on directly into red with 1% brightness rather than flashing white first. Might look into zigbee binding in the future as I still don't like the delay from the switch, but I'll have to justify replacing all my z-wave switches first. It would be a great time for someone to release some z-wave bulbs.

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Well, with HUE stating users will need to be signed in to continue using their app means Im ditching the HUE hub and will start migrating everything straight to the Hubitat using your app.
Thank you for providing this, I look forward to using it..starting this weekend!

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@jonathanb Is 1.09 intended to be the latest released version? If so, I think you forgot to update the packageManifest.json.

Reason I ask, I was looking to see if this was fixed:

There should be if (settings.logEnable)

around log.debug "zigbee received COLOR_CLUSTER: ${descMap}"

I'm trying to minimize the unnecessary entries in my logs and I can't shut this off. Actually there are a number of logging calls that can't be turned off, but this is one I see frequently.