[RELEASE] Nuki web API driver (Works without the bridge)

Hi fellas,

I just created a small driver to connect HE with Nuki smart lock which configured with the Nuki Web API.

The benefit if this driver is to control your Nuki smart locks without having the Nuki bridge ( so it needs Internet access ).

Since I only have Nuki 3.0 Pro, I have tested this drivers with Nuki 3.0 Pro ONLY.

Driver :

I spent only 1 - 2 hours on this driver, so it might not work perfectly. Please let me know if you found any bugs.

P. S. : I'm not a developer by profession. So my code might be ugly :face_with_peeking_eye: . But it will work for sure :sunglasses:

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Updates :

  • Added a feature to get upto date about the new updates ( update information )
  • Started using state variables instead of attributes
  • Handled some error situations

Thanks for this – exactly what I've been looking for to complement what the Nuki app and HomeKit can do :+1:

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Very new to Hubitat. Please may someone explain the benefits of integrating my Nuki lock with Hubitat, in layman’s terms?

The same as with any other lock. Use event based triggers to control the lock.

And use events from the lock to trigger other automations.

With my zigbee locks, these are the types of automations I used:

  1. Automatically keep the back door unlocked when someone was home, and automatically lock it when everyone left.

  2. On specific days, activate a lock code for the housekeeper, and inactivate it after they left the house.

  3. Turn on certain lights when the housekeeper used their lock code to enter, and disable other automations. Also, set an HVAC comfort profile.

  4. Send me a notification when the housekeeper left, turn off lights, and enable certain automations.

etc etc

Thank you very much, and setting these automations in the hub would mean local and therefore responsive activation?

If you used a zigbee or z-wave lock that is controlled locally by the hub.

Hi @user6476 & @aaiyar ,

This is NOT a Zigbee or Z-Wave driver. Nuki does NOT support it.

This drivers uses the Nuki web API for the remote operation.

Using this driver, you can lock, unlock, unlatch your Nuki lock. And it can get the locking status of the door and the battery status.

In order to use this driver, you need the Nuki web API token. You can simply generate one from here.

I'll update the main post with this details to avoid confusions.

I'm using this driver to fully lock my door at night ( during the daytime, it was just latched. At night it locks my 3 point door lock ) and unlock in the morning.

And I monitor it's battery using HE single batter monitoring rule.

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