[RELEASE] Netatmo


  • Availability of all device parameters
  • Driver automatic version check (every 7 days at noon)
  • Configurable logging levels
  • Scheduled State Check
  • Image capturing + history
  • Device creation for identified Persons
  • instant notifications (Webhook integration)
  • Automatically gets the device (Camera) keys (Now you only need to specify the IP)

Status: The currently the supported devices are as expected

Supported devices:

  • Security - Smart Outdoor Camera
  • Security - Smart Indoor Camera
  • Security - Smart Door and Window Sensor
  • Security - Doorbell


  • Add support for other Netatmo devices
  • Create sensors as childs of the assigned camera
  • Save captured images on a local or cloud resource

Download: GitHub


Wow! Can’t wait to give this a try.

Oh, didn’t see that the weather station isn’t supported at first. :blush:

Can I turn the outdoor floodlight on and off manually ? Overriding PIR functionality.

Yes, you just need to call the command light_mode(on)

whats the person detection like vs other hardware?

Actually this is a HW feature of the Indoor Camera, I just create a person device on the people that have been identified and named on the Netatmo app.
This permits you to create / trigger rules when a specific person is seen/detected.

I try this app but keep getting the following? Do I need to do something else? Thanks

@leeonestop You need to generate a Client ID & Client Secret first and paste these into the fields, then click the button below.

Small Project Update: In the following weeks will be adding support for the. I have received it today :slight_smile:

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@janwerner Thanks for the info got it to work thanks.

Nice :slight_smile: Are you thinking about adding support for Netatmo Energy (heating)?

Not right away, I have the thermostat from my old appointment but now it's not connected so it's going to be a bit difficult to develop without being online.

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Interesting. Have been looking at different dorrbella for a while and I really like Netatmos.
Nice to see that you are working on support for the doorbell. :+1:
Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

Just upload the the App / Driver Updates.
This includes some overall fixes and support for the Doorbell.

Note that currently there are some limitations with the Doorbell API so not everything is possible right now... Doorbell API - Issues - Netatmo Forum

Important: If you are planning to upgrade this app, please completely remove the old version and redo the installation + oauth linking with the Netatmo account again. This is required because of the authentication scope changes.

Hi there,

I had looked for a Netatmo integration and uploaded a port, before someone very kindly pointed me towards this release.

A lot of the things I'd planned to do with my port you've already covered which is great.

I'll probably switch to this release, to save me a job. Thanks for all your hard work.

A couple of things I've noticed though:

  • The addWebhook() doesn't seem to call on install. It only calls if you update the preferences. I'm assuming this is because it's written in the updated() method.
  • Also, I'd planned to look at the way 'person_seen' events were handled in the child devices as I use them for Alexa routines. Alexa doesn't recognise the presence capability so I'd thought about seperating these out, maybe onto a contact sensor capability?
  • I noticed as well that I had the same trouble installing this release, as mine, where it wouldn't trip over to the 'connected' preferences page, until I saved the app code straight after the netatmo authentication.

Are you still working on this App? I'm more than happy to help, if it's wanted.

Yes its still active I have some minor fixes coming up. I will grustfully look and merge any PR's

Thanks, First time I've done a pull request. Hopefully got that right :slight_smile:

Nice, I'll merge for change today and address some of the issues. Additionally I will added an option to the Person to be able to handle the ContactSensor.

Thanks for contributing

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Just one note. I went with a separate call for the contactSensor, based on the webhook, rather than a sendEvent through the seen() method, otherwise the contactSensor would trip on the device update, if a user has that set.

I have just published the last version with some minor adjustments.

Also wanted to mention that the Doorbell is now fully functional, Netatmo has implemented the missing WebHook features.

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