[RELEASE] Matter Advanced Bridge (limited device support)

FYI: Yesterday my Aquara hub M3 arived.
Paired it over Matter, and was discovered as "device".
Manualy set it to the Advanced Bridge driver, and all seems to work just fine.


Just wondering if your Zemismart bridge is all good since the firmware upgrade?
Everything seems okay for me, but for some reason I am unable to pair the Zemismart back to the Aqara M3 hub after accidentally deleting all matter devices from Google .

I can add other matter devices to Aqara M3, but fail to add Zemismart bridge after numerous attempts.

It gets stuck on step 4 and never completes

I have never tried bridging the Tuya hubs to the Aqara hub.

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I have recently noticed that the "initializeCtr" counter on the Zemismart bridge increases everytime the "ping" or "refresh" command is used.

(I have re-installed the driver and reset the device, but still same issue)



The Hue Bridge and Aqara M3 bridge do not have this issue.

Most probably, Tuya changed something that breaks the backward compatibility with the previous version... : ) This could be also a possible reason for the Zemismart Brdige issues with the Aqara hub?

Have you tried to discover the bridged devices again manually? All existing devices should be preserved.

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Yes, most likely, as I started having these issues after the firmware upgrade.

Going through the process of adding the hub, and discovering devices etc. is okay and normal.

Only issue now is the counter increasing due to the periodic polling, unable to add to Aqara-Hub-M3 and the currently known issues random communication loss...

Zemi Smart - counter increase due to polling, random connection issues
Hue - no issues
Aqara M3 - comm issues after loss of internet or router reboot

I will probably add some automations in Home Assistant to test Zemismart to see if it has the random connection issues (I guess you can't do much until HE fix this issue that you reported ages ago..)