[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20200301

Hey Dan @ogiewon

This integration looks great. I have what may be a silly question. On my rPI where HousePanel is running I also have the Harmony API service operating which KuKu Harmony uses so my question is will these two conflict? I also still have the ST integration and it seems to work. In that integration I use Harmony to set a ST virtual switch which I assume I don’t need to do here. Oh ... and I only have KuKu because the ST integration doesn’t support volume and channel so I assume I can now ditch that.

I don't think these two should conflict, as KuKu uses XMPP (IIRC) and my Hubitat/Harmony integration uses webSockets.

Maybe? Depends on how KuKu implemented volume and channel capabilities. My Hubitat/Harmony integration only allows you to adjust up/down the volume or channel, relative to where it currently is. I do not expose the ability to enter a channel number, for example. Also, currently the volume adjustments are somewhat small - equivalent to a single button press of the volume up or volume down button on your remote.

Okay I will keep KuKu then since it also exposes channel numbers.

KuKu has the same limitation. In my macros I work around this by pressing it 5 times with a delay in between.

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@aaron pushed a Pull Request for this integration which I merged in last night. It allows you to specify how many times to 'repeat' the volume button press for each call to the parent device's volumeUp() and volumeDown() commands. This should make it simpler.

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I got this installed today and it works like a charm. Very nicely done Dan.

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Hello everyone,
Just converted from SmartThings about a week ago and so far the Hubitat experience is pretty awesome.

The only feature I've not been able to successfully port over is to get the Home Control buttons on my Harmony Companion remote to turn on/off my living room lights- since the light switch is a bit far away.
It's really the only reason I had the harmony synced to SmartThings.

Is there a workaround (or plans) to get this Harmony Hub Driver to do this?

This is the remote I have: harmony-companion-whole-home-remote-hub

I'm trying to get the 6 home control buttons to work (the ones below the 3 activity buttons at the top).

I figure persons with the larger touch screen remotes could just program a rule on one of their extra activity buttons to make what I'm trying to do work, but I only have 3 activity buttons which are all in use for my set top boxes, receivers etc.

ogiewon, keeep up the good work and thank you.

any insights into a solution for this welcome.

So after installing @ogiewon Logitech driver you will see all of your activities as child devices under the parent harmony device.

Use those device on/off settings to determine what lighting effects you want to do through RM. For me we ONLY watch movies on our AppleTV. So if AppleTV is turned on and the lux is below 100 the lights on the first floor turn blue. While we watch TV through UVerse and the lights turn on with normal 3000k at 60%.

Now I have a virtual switch called MovieTime that I can initiate through Alexa IF we watch a movie on any other device (U-verse and XBox) but that was designed more for the rare occasion.

Hope this helps!

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There are currently no plans in the works to make this happen with my driver, as the integration you are referring to is typically cloud to cloud (e.g. Harmony to SmartThings, or Harmony to Lutron, etc...) Logitech is not accepting new integration requests (unless something has changed recently) and thus there is no way for Hubitat to create an official integration.

If you have Lutron or Philips Hue lighting, you should be able to map those devices to your smart home buttons on your remote control via their native integrations with Logitech.

Thanks for your responses.

What I have are regular z-wave light bulbs in my living room.
and I use the Watch TV activity to start my Nvdia Shield Android TV box.

My echo device is used as a speaker for announcements only so it can't hear me ask to turn on the lights either :wink:

I'll see what else I can come up with as I dig deeper into the capabilities of the Hubitat.
Thanks again.

Again you can use rules to do something based on the child devices of the Harmony driver suite turning on/off. Easiest way to do it and you don’t need the remote.

Got it..
Thank you.

My next mission is now how to get the Hubitat to talk to Node-Red.

There's a thread for that... :wink:

I have had Node-Red running for a few months now, along with InfluxDB and Grafana, all on my Windows 10 'home server'. I have been very pleased with the performance and reliability.

Thanks again ogiewon.

I wanted to just post here what I did for the logitech harmony in case there is anyone else using a simple remote setup like mine and wants to keep it that way.

Instead of making the "listen to music" activity button turn on my receiver, I made that one turn on the living room lights.
I then set one of the colored buttons below the actual home control buttons to specifically turn on the receiver.

The off will end any running activity as it normally does, as well as turn off the lights.

I am happy enough with this setup as the only functionality i no longer have is the ability to adjust the brightness of the lights, which I kinda sorta don't really need to do, and I never could have changed the color temperature with smartthings anyway :sunglasses:

Thanks again to everyone for putting me on the right track with this.

Oh, that NodeRed thread. WOW. thanks.
That one seems to be bit out of my league. What I'd try to then do in order to work around needing to do all of that is to get the HE to talk to the MQTT I have on my Raspberry Pi.
This Node-Red/raspberry pi is what I use for my solar panel stuff so emoncms is what I use for the graphing.

does HE have an MQTT app/driver?

I could then pick up the Hubitat variables i need in Node-Red via MQTT.

Many thanks once again.
I've been messing around home automation stuff since the days of x10, and never ever has everything worked together with such finesse.

I'm really really really enjoying the Hubitat experience.
Thanks to the team for putting it together.

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Currently on offer if you're in the UK.

Hi Complete Newbie here, just received my HE and trying to get my harmony hub integration working...
Loaded driver codes etc , but log showing failure to connect as below:

Can ping the hub address but not with the port added..
Sorry as I said just started today!
Thanks for any guidance..

Welcome to Hubitat!

Is your Logitech Harmony Hub’s firmware up to date? Is the Harmony Hub on the same LAN as your Hubitat Hub?

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Hi thanks for your reply, the harmony hub is connected via WiFi to my Google WiFi primary hub and the HE is connected via Ethernet to a network switch then to my Broadband router...

Sorry just checked firmware up to date...

There does seem something fishy about the Google WiFi Mesh network systems. I have never used one, but it does seem that users with these systems experience more difficulty than others using more traditional network hardware.

Not sure what to try next. Perhaps some other community members with a similar setup to yours will chime in?

I'm just hopping in here quick.. Just a quick question, which I'm sure you did, but don't see it posted. Did you actually go into the harmony app and add hubitat? Do you still need to do that? When I integrated, you still had to do that. I haven't visited any of the new driver stuff because my harmony works just fine. But, I have Google mesh and did not have any problems integrating. Just a thought.

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