[RELEASE] Logitech G-Hub Battery Levels (Gaming Keyboards and Mice)

For anyone who uses Logitech G type devices linked to G-Hub, I found a small app that exposes their battery level via a HTTP call, so would like to incorporate it into my setup eventually....


I have released a driver to retrieve the battery levels from the LGS Tray Battery G-Hub app on my PC. I will add it into HPM sometime soon, but for now it is available in my Git Repository. You will need to install:

I'll write up a few more instructions sometime soon, as well as a few tweaks I expect. I may also look at utilising the Omni Sensor driver (I think that's what it's called...), rather than my battery sensor driver.


I have tweaked the driver to now ignore a zero battery reading, after I started receiving these when switching my devices between my PC and work laptop when using the more recent LGSTray app. I have logged an issue with the developer of the LGSTray app.