[release] Lock button monitor. - Arm HSM from outside door lock

App to monitor outside door lock button So you can arm HSM

Install the app then install a virtual button.
Run the app and link your lock to the virtual button. The button will mirror the lock and allow you to use the button monitor or rules to set the HSM or disarm.

Button 1 = Locked by keypad button
Button 2 = Locked by Thumb Turn
Button 3 = Unlocked by Thumb Turn
Button 4 = Unlocked by Code
Button 5 = Unlocked by HUB

If your lock throws errors send me the results in the log so I can add it.
Setup for Schlage & Yale

This is my first app I wrote this to get back the functions I could do in smartthings. Arming the system when someone locks the door on the outside. The current drivers on the locks don't let you do this. Right now this is for one lock if you need more you will have to change the name of the app and install it more than once.

Updated to support locks that use VIA instead of BY in the log.
Error logging improved


This is very cool. I've only confirmed against my Schlage that buttons 1,3 work. Will try 2, 4 and 5 soon.

FWIW, when I created my Virtual Button, the default is 5 buttons so I changed it to 6. Not sure if that is actually required though as your instructions don't specify.

Thanks for creating this. My only feature requests would be;

  1. Let me rename the app itself or create a Parent/Child app pairing so we can setup more than one lock, similar to autolock.

Edit: I'll also add I used this fantastic app

to bring in your Button Mapping into the virtual device so it's easier for me to find/see;


Cool idea!

I have a Yale YRD216 with a zigbee module and it is not giving the results I expect,especially since my virtual device has only 6 buttons! @iris is there anything else you need to troubleshoot?

Im sorry I didn't see your message I was busy working on a thermostat driver.

This is my first app. Im actually thinking of making this a driver so you can install it as a virtual button.

ON mine I ran into a problem of people pressing the button then unlocking and entering . My rule delays and then checks to see if the door is open if its not it arms. Or it could check if it still locked.

event passed loop is a untrapped event I will have to add that.

locked by button should have been detected.

I will have to do some more work and need better error codes.

Updated. The new version should fix this as well as there were errors it should have not been pressing button 7.

you can do this with a simple rule.. arm hsm when lock is locked.. i do that already.

That will trigger when the inside knob is locked or when locked by the hub or app.

We Only want to trigger on the outside lock button being pressed for away. You cant do that without this APP because that option is missing from the built in driver

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@iris This is exactly what I am trying to achieve. I have a Kwikset 910, and with my ISY could trigger off the outside lock button being pushed.

I'm very new to Hubitat, but will look into how to get this into my system.

Just moved from Smarthings to HE and have been searching for something just like this app to replicate some of the functions I ran on ST. Thank you @iris !

I have a Schlage BE468 Smart Lock, and have managed to get all functions working but had to change some of the log info text for it to work eg thumb turn renamed as "manual" etc. Not sure why they have changed since the app's development last year ?

Question : what would break this app in the future and stop it from functioning ? Changes to reported info text ?

Why is this app not receiving the plaudits it should ? I've not seen any better solution for identifying types of locking functions. Any plans to develop it further ?

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