[RELEASE] Linktap Driver for Hubitat – Local Integration through MQTT

I will do :+1:

New version 1.2 released:

  • Fixes bug with water volumes calculations
  • Adds ability to send local rain data to the gateway (Linktap will use your local data instead of internet weather service)
  • Processes notification of skipped watering due to rain and stores timestamp in an attribute

Updates in github and also available through HPM

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@keithandrewowen is there a way to see/copy your json packet - -you can validate it online with a json checker. I had something similiar a few days ago and I had some rogue whitespace killing me (not for this, but pain is pain)

Hi @cgmckeever

That was my first thought - random blanks are always an issue.

However, the problem was one of "PEBCAK", in that I had completely missed a field in the Gateway config that @pedro.f.andrade had clearly specified. As soon as I filled in that correctly, the child devices were instantly created in Hubitat. I can now control the Taplinker valve via RM.

Thanks due to @pedro.f.andrade for this great work and his support to help me get it working. The Linktap solution is not cheap, but the reviews I've read online lead me to believe it's a versaltile and robust watering solution, and the integration with HE is the icing on the cake :+1:

Hi @pedro.f.andrade

This morning I have run into a problem. There no longer seems to be a connection between HE and the Gateway. I can control the Taplinker via the App or the Web interface, but I cannot control it from HE. Also the status of the valve is not reflected in HE. The Controller is successfully connected to the MQTT Broker, as is the Gateway.

I deleted the Taplinker child device in HE, and it will not recreate. I have rebooted both the HE and the Gateway. I'm using the latest drivers

This all worked fine yesterday :frowning:

OK forget that last message. Another reboot of the Gateway has recreated the child device and now refreshes the attributes. I'm not sure what happened there :thinking:

Keep the logging enabled to checknin case it happens again



Hi @pedro.f.andrade

I have noticed that if I initiate watering manually (either via the App, via the web interface, or via an HE virtual switch) the planMode attribute switches to "instant", but as soon as the watering starts, planMode reverts to "none".

Is this behavious expected? I had anticipated that planMode would remain as "instant" until the watering duration is complete, and then return to "none"

Most attributes are updated based on messages received from the gateway. That particular attribute is updated with each status message received from the gateway, there is no logic built in the driver. Status messages are received every x seconds (depending on gw configuration), except when watering is occurring when messages are received every few seconds.

I would imagine that when you send the request there is a β€œplan” until it is executed, and cleared as soon as it starts watering (there is no β€œplan” anymore).

OK, understood

Hi Pedro,

In the settings for the LinkTap App, there is a "Weather Forecast" setting that allows either "7-day forecast" or "5-day forecast and past 2 days". I haven't tried this yet but I assume it's to allow a plan that can skip watering if it rained a lot yesterday, or will rain soon?

Is it possible to extract that data via your driver, and make it available to HE?

The way linktap works is that, when you setup a plan in the app, you have the ability to enter rain skip settings. You can specify how much it must have rained in the past x hours or the next y hours, and if this condition is met, the planned watering is skipped.

If you are not using watering plans in the app, but controlling fully through Hubitat, you must implement the watering skipping rules yourself. There is no way to retrieve the forecast from the linktap gateway, but you can use drivers for online weather services in Hubitat to access this information (e.g. Dark Sky or Weather Underground, not sure which ones provide rain volumes). Alternatively, for observed rain you can use local data from a personal weather station, if you have one.

What is possible to do with the driver is to push your own rain data to the gateway, so it uses your data instead of the weather service. For example, if you have a personal weather station, you can push actual local rain observed volumes, which will be more accurate than the data the gateway can get from the internet. But this only makes sense if you are using watering plans in the gateway, and not triggering each watering from Hubitat.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Pedro

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