Ohh! How could I have overlooked such simple point. I incorrectly assumed that I can create only one 'home' per circle. I deleted my second circle now and added a new place 'almost home', with a bigger geofence area.

But, isn't life360+ limited to report presence of only one place? How do I use my second place in rule condition?

@zerosum74 are you a paying user? Can I set this up with a paid and an additional free account as well?

Yes and yes.

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Can I detect in Hubitat if the presence device is in 'almost home' place while maybe another presence device is in'home' place?

Places are attributes that can be used as triggers. If you look at the presence sensor on hubitat you will see 'address1' attribute. Create a rule in rule machine or webcore by using it. It doesn't matter if you are paying customer or not.

Good to know.Thanks, I'll check it out.

In my case, I have created two places 'home' and 'almost home'(with a much larger geofence'. When I am approaching hone, 'almost home'' should trigger first, but eventually I will be present in both the places. Do you know how will address1 react in that case? Which place out of the two will it store?

It doesn't work like I thought it would. It seems to detect the bigger area first, then when you arrive to smaller one it detects it but after a while "address1" changes to that bigger place again. Seems like a weird way to detect places or prioritize them in life360.

I'm guessing you need to play with address1 attribute and if possible..use street addresses in automation rules. When presence sensor address1 is streetname 1, or streetname 2, or streetname 3, then send notification "10 mins...". And those streetnames are all the addresses that you usually use when you are heading back home.

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And actually more than I think about it ...if I would do what you are doing. I would still create new separate places around the home and use those places with address1 attribute. Just create places which do dot overlap home location. This way would be much easier than creating rule with a list of streetnames. And if you live in a city for example there would be multiple different streets so by creating additional places around the home you can use just those place names as triggers.


You're thinking of this from the wrong angle,

You only need one location for home, small geofence area.

All you need is a webcore/rm rule incorporating the 'distance' attribute. :wink:

If you want to get mildly clever with arrival times, you could take a punt with driving speed, which is also available as an attribute. Totally aware this would be rough as hell because distance home is rarely going to be a straight line, but if you want to activate something when you're 10 mins away,

Time = distance ÷ speed

If distance ÷ speed <= [10 mins]
Fire automation


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Mind blown! I'll try this approach soon.

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The folks using Life360 integration in Home Assistant are reporting issues again. We Hubitat users have been mentioned in their discussions Life360 fails authentification again · Issue #106967 · home-assistant/core · GitHub as "currently still working" but unsure as to why. Since our "fixes" were based on theirs, consider this a warning. It may abruptly stop. I'd think before investing too much time setting about automations that rely on Life360 at this point.

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I had previously installed the Life360 Connector app to control automations based on when my mobile device entered a geofence. That worked well for a while. Until it didnt. Out of nowhere it seemed that while Life360 app was tracking as usual it wasnt communicating with HE to initiate the automations.

This New option makes me hopeful! I installed Life360+ and when trying to enter creds i get "Life360 Connection Error: 403" error. I reset my pw to make sure and still am getting the error.

I currently still have the Life360 connector app installed (also showing a 403 error) should I remove the original connector app and try 360+ again? Is there some setting that I need to enable/disable to allow the app to connect to the 360 auth service? I searched this thread for that error message but didnt find much.

I appreciate your work and time. Thanks!

Was logged in until today, but now after a reboot of my hub(?) I cannot log back in anymore

@zerosum74 is your solution still working?

@jb1 yes it is. Did you receive an e-mail like this by chance?

Refer to this post.

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@zerosum74 not until today.
Two weeks ago I saw the message in the app, to verify my phone number. Then this massage vanished and now it shows up again. What I didn't do.
Today I got logged out and cannot log in anymore. Very unstable at the moment. Not sure if I would spend time on this or move on to a different solution.


@jb1 Fortunately, I've had redundancies in place for presence for some time already. Always been tough to find a single solution that was bullet proof. Life360 was the best for me having a mix of Android and iOS devices, and could have continued to be if they only had an official API.


same with me. But currently it's too unreliable in getting access - unfortunately. I don't understand the reason as long as I pay for the service and use the phone as well. But these are business decisions on their side. I will draw my conclusions out of this and cancel my subscription.
I want to rely on a service I pay for,


I've contacted them and voiced an opinion. Doubt it's worth it though.