[RELEASE] Konnected Garage Door Opener Official Driver

It's @nate from Konnected here with some good news for this community -- I just released an official driver for our Smart Garage Door Opener for Hubitat.

The integration is 100% local and requires no third-party app or cloud! The firmware is based on ESPHome, and we're leveraging the excellent ESPHome API Library by @jonathanb for super fast local connectivity with Hubitat. More info about our choice of firmware platforms and direction on Konnected's Community forum.

Konnected's current Garage Door Opener GDOv1-S is designed for typical overhead garage door openers that toggle open or closed using a dry contact push-button. This includes most garage door openers except those by Chamberlain and LiftMaster with a yellow learn button (Security+ 2.0 openers). We're working on a solution for those newer encrypted garage door openers to fill the gap for the MyQ refugees.

A key feature of our product is a laser time-of-flight sensor that detects the distance of an object in front of it. This is how it detects if the garage door is open or closed, by "seeing" the rolled-up garage door a few feet below it when it's opened. There's also an input for a wired contact or limit switch sensor, or it can be used as an input for a PIR sensor in the garage.

It has a built-in flashing LED and warning sound prior to closing to alert anyone in the garage before the door is about to close and to meet (U.S.) federal safety requirements.

There's also a 12V switched output for an auxilary warning device or light/LED if you desire.

The compact device comes in sleek plastic enclosure and includes hookup wire, mounting screws and a 12V power adapter. It's normally $89 but as I'm writing this it's 25% off for Black Friday on konnected.io. Also available on Amazon.

Take LOCAL control of your garage door opener with Konnected!

Documentation links:

  1. Installing the Garage Door Opener in Hubitat
  2. Calibrate and Use the Garage Door Opener in Hubitat

Recommended Installation:
Download the latest release from konnected-hubitat for your product, and import as a Bundle in Hubitat. We have a PR open to also get it in HPM.

Let me know what you think!


konnected garage door opener Anyone implemented yet?

I have a GDO Blaq connected to one of my garage doors and integrated with Hubitat using the above driver; it seems to me working well within Hubitat.

I'd like to be able to close the garage door using voice command from Google Home and have to figure out the best way to make that happen. We use Hubitat's Google Home integration, so I exposed the Blaq to Google Home and I can use a voice command to "turn on" or "turn off" the garage door - but this does not open or close it. Maybe it turns on/off the Konnected's 12V STR output.

Has anyone figured out how to open/close the garage door through Hubitat via Google Home voice command?

The on/off commands will control the garage opener light. The open/close commands are what you want to control the door.

I don't know enough about the Google Home integration to know if those commands are exposed to Google or not.

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Thanks, it looks like Hubitat's own Google Home integration can't handle a door opener device. A community-sourced Google Home integration looks like it's capable:

I am not sure if I should start a new topic or ask my question here so if it should be a dedicated thread sorry and let me know and I will change repost the question.

I would like to add a dedicate button to my dashboard to set the position to a set value, such as 20%. I see the blaq driver package has set position option but I have no idea how to get it over to the dash board or how to set the variable to a fixed value. Can someone give me some guidance on how to accomplish this?