[Release] Konke ZigBee Temperature Humidity Sensor Driver

Hi @muxa
I'm using your driver (thanks for releasing, works a treat) with this temp/humidity sensor.

It appears that the 'Enable Info Message Logging' doesn't work.
The first messages are when it in enabled.
dev:77112021-01-21 15:33:04.862 infoBathroom-Humidity: Info message logging enabled

dev:77112021-01-21 15:33:04.858 infoBathroom-Humidity: Last checkin events enabled

dev:77112021-01-21 15:33:04.853 infoBathroom-Humidity: Updating preference settings

and as you can see, the same messages are displayed when it is turned off.

dev:77112021-01-21 15:35:00.939 infoBathroom-Humidity: Info message logging enabled

dev:77112021-01-21 15:35:00.931 infoBathroom-Humidity: Last checkin events enabled

dev:77112021-01-21 15:35:00.922 infoBathroom-Humidity: Updating preference settings
I can confirm that messages are reported whether enabled or disabled.
As I'm not a coder I have no idea where to look or what to do to amend the code to get it to work OK.
It's no big deal but thought I would mention it and any advice on how to get it to work would be appreciated.

Cool little sensor. Please send a link.

Only cool if you like Celsius. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't tell me you don't use dd/mm/yyyy either. :wink:

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On the UK eBay website they are listed as:-
Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor Tuya Wireless Control Smart Home Sensor

Not sure where you are but it might be worth a try searching with the above.

The only thing to check is that on UK eBay we get sellers selling devices from China than can take a month to turn up. I always try and get them from 'in country'. You may have to pay slightly more for them though.

PS. I think they may do a BT one as well so check to make sure you get the correct one.

Not sure if @muxa is around any more, but apparently we are supposed to be reporting humidity as an integer in Hubitat, not a decimal. As the system is assuming integer, it will break things like simple automation rules and basic rules if it reports as a decimal.

If you are still updating this driver, may want to make that change when there is time.

See this thread.

I changed my copy of the driver to this to make it "compliant". Basically just added a new int humidityInt, and then used that in the report. Sloppy way to do it, but it worked and I didn't feel like modifying it any more than that.

// Calculate humidity with 0.1 precision
private parseHumidity(valueHex) {
	float humidity = Integer.parseInt(valueHex,16)/100
	displayDebugLog("Raw reported humidity = ${humidity}%")
	humidity = humidityOffset ? (humidity + humidityOffset) : humidity
	humidity = humidity.round(1)
    int humidityInt = Math.round(humidity)
	return [
		name: 'humidity',
		value: humidityInt,
		unit: "%",
		descriptionText: "Humidity is ${humidityInt}%",

I am using this driver for a "Nedis Zigbee Climate Sensor" (hardware reports as a Tuya RH3052 device).

Seems to work fine.

The driver in GitHub was last updated 26 Jun 2020, and seems to support the format Hubitat needs to function properly.

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I just got one Zonke Temp/Humidity sensor delivered, but I am having trouble pairing it.
Tried to pair right next to the hub, Zigbee channel 20. Also changed the battery. Nothing.

Is that little hole on the side supposed to be a LED? If it is, mine doesn't light up at all. Dead?

Hole on side is the pairing/reset button. LED is on the front.


That makes sense :wink: Thanks!

Does anybody know if the Konke Temp Humidity driver is available via HPM yet? Cannot find there, and it will be nice to have the latest version available from there.

No idea, but if it isn't, you can ask the developer (@muxa) if he would like to add his driver(s) to HPM.

Hey @muxa ! Thanks for the driver. I was just able to begin using my new Konke Temp/Humidity sensor using this driver. Two questions:

  1. Please consider adding this very useful driver to HPM, so that we can easily find this driver, and any future updates
  2. Is there any way I can change the unit of temperature from F to C ?

Settings -> Localization -> Temp Scale

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I have trouble pairing my new sensor. I press the pairing button and it starts to flash slowly while having the hub in Zigbee pairing mode. Tried several times and it never finds it. Zigbee on the hub is on channel 20.

Am I missing anything obvious?

That's all there is to it... Push and hold the button for 4-5 seconds until it starts blinking and it should pair.

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That should work with this sensor. But double-check that the channel number is 15/20/25 - the first time I tried using these sensors, my hub that I thought was on channel 20 was actually on 18, and my pairing failed almost identical to what you’ve described.

If the channel is ok, try pairing from a closer distance, and then move the sensor to it’s final location.

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Hey @muxa Thanks for creating the driver. I got new/first Konke Temp/Humidity sensor, but have problem to install/pair the sensor.

I download and install driver.
By using the Zigbee button at "add devices manual": I can start pairing with channel 15,
but it stop halve way, with a message.
"Found Zigbee device with id 086BD7FFFE9159F6, initializing..."

When I check the log:
[sys:1]2022-01-03 20:41:14.406 Created Unknown Zigbee Device
[sys:1]2022-01-03 20:41:12.058 Zigbee Discovery Running
[sys:1]2022-01-03 20:41:11.056 Zigbee Discovery Stopped
[sys:1]2022-01-03 20:40:11.348 Initializing Zigbee Device 086BD7FFFE9159F6, 12E7
[sys:1]2022-01-03 20:40:11.050 Zigbee Discovery Running

But when I checked devices tab, there is no new device created.

Backside of sensor has the following code.
Konke FCC ID: 2AJZ4-KPFT IC:23777-KPFT

May I have to change model number or have to do something extra, after installing the driver code?


I am having the exact same issue as @bkehv. The hub won't discover on any channel other than 15 and even then pairing doesn't finish.

On Channel 15 and have 3 of them paired... fwiw.

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