[RELEASE] (just simple) Battery Statistics

I've written a small app to view "just simple" stats for all my battery devices. My intention was to quickly see where I have to change the batteries... :roll_eyes:

The app is a Web-App i.e. you can integrate the resulting HTML page in your favorite browser page, ex. on a wall mounted tablet. :wink:

By modifying the URL you can switch between three view modes:
room: Show the batteries capacities of all devices, grouped by their room name.
name; The same, without grouping, ordered by device labels.
else: The same, without grouping, ordered by batteries capacities,

Maybe someone else find this useful, too:

Have fun! :blush:


Very cool - thanks for putting this together!

I prefer the "room" chart, and have a few notes. First, I removed the ": $mode" from the chart title. The chart's contents make it clear that its based on room. Second, I removed the "($room)" from the individual device portion, as that info is already clear in the room chart. Third, on smaller screens (like a phone) when the device name and the battery percentage string is longer than the width of the battery graphic, it gets squished and displays in multiple lines (every time there is a space):

I was able to reduce when this happens by removing the spaces in the html line ("$name:$battery%"), but some of my device names have spaces (like "MB Blinds Left"), so those still get put in multiple lines. Is it possible to display the device name over the battery graphic, so that the name and battery isn't limited by the width of the battery graphic?

Thanks again!

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At first:
Thanx a lot for your great feedback! :+1:

OK, I used that for debugging purposes.
No problem to drop this... :wink:

Guess that is superfluous in the room mode...
No problem to drop this, too... :wink:

That would be a bit difficult... But what do you think about this solution:
I could move the labels to the white space (i.e. right from the colored bar), when battery < 50%. :thinking:

P.S.: You really should load you cams! :grin:

Good morning. Thank you for sharing your application. It works very well, I like the color visual.

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Yes that should work!

I know..... :roll_eyes:

Update for better room stats and nicer text in bars: :wink:

Thanx to @Kvothe for the helpful feedback! :+1:

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My Xmas present for you: :santa:t2:
The device names are now clickable!

As always get the new code from github:

Happy Holidays! :blush: