[RELEASE] iRobot Scheduler

Driver update - 1.1.1 - fixed CSS for dashboard update

App - 1.1.7 - fixed bug if unknown error occurs to continue monitoring

So am I correct that if presence based cleaning is turned on it ignores the schedule? It seems like every time I leave the house it starts cleaning even though I have it set to Mon/Wed/Fri. Is this a bug of expected behavior?

Expected behavior. This was a request from another user. I can look at implementing another presence option similar to what you were thinking prior:

  • normal schedule with times
  • if someone present do not clean If scheduled
  • clean once someone leaves or at a specific time interval of x amount of hours waiting.


Just added your ask. A lot of code had to be modified to have this work. My initial testing shows this to be working correctly. Please post and bugs you might experience.

1.1.8 - added more error traps, error8 - bin issue attempt to restart cleaning, advanced presence options

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You got to it before I could. I’ll give it a try this week

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1.1.9 - fixed notifcations for unknown error codes, couple additional bugs discovered in logic

Hmm something didn't go right. It was supposed to clean today at 10am and it didn't. Also I have it set to M/W/F, but the next run is set to next Monday:

is your REST980 server still online?

It appears to be, returns data.

does pushing buttons start and dock roomba on this address?

Yes, and pushing the buttons for the commands on the device in HE works as well. I don't think it is a problem with the server but rather with the app.

I will look into this tomorrow. This seems to be the schedule goofing up because of a single cleaning time. Thx for finding this bug.

What version of the app are you running?

At the time 1.1.8 but now on 1.1.9

@dman2306 - found the bug! Thx for letting me know. Should work now but you will need to select the days again.

1.2.0 - fixed scheduling bug

** if you updated before seeing this then download code once more. I had erroneous error checking logs enabled.

Did it now, I'll see how it goes... oddly though the schedule said it wasn't going to run until 10/7, at 2:38PM today I got a notification from Hubitat saying it was was running even though it didn't. Just updated to 1.2.0, will see how it goes!

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Found the current day bug. Install 1.2.1 ASAP and your cleaning schedule and execution SHOULD work now. :slight_smile:

1.2.1 - fixed current day scheduling bug, minor tweaks and fixes

1.2.2 - added additional notification options for errors, add time-delay for notification of errors

Having our daughter's 5th birthday party and need a way to restrict roomba schedule. So added new feature/capability. :slight_smile:

1.2.3 - added ability to restrict cleaning based on switch, turn off restricted switch if presence away options

Ok Aaron, let me know what I am doing wrong here.

I have Roomba Scheduler setup to start cleaning when no one is home and to dock when if someone arrives. I created a virtual presence to test. When I "depart", Rosie activates and starts cleaning. I let her clean for about 10 minutes and then I "arrived".

However, instead of docking like it should have, it just stopped right where she was and went to idle. Logs show "Roomba is being docket through driver" but it never docked.

Any ideas?