[Release] "Iris v1 Senior Care Pendant" Driver

This adds all the care options to the Care Pendant. The built in driver turns it into a key fob its not a keyfob.

The Care Pendant was intended to call for help and notify the wearer that it had called and when help responded. This was a 2nd level pay service.

This driver requires you install 2 items in your dashboard 1 fob and 1 alarm. When the button is pressed the alarm will come on. When someone turns it off the wearer will be notified. FOB flashes and beeps red while alarming and flashes green and beeps when notified help is coming by turning off the alarm. You will need to create your own routines not notify you of the alarm and if the device ever goes not present.

Tested on firmware 2012-09-20

If you have another firmware let me know.

Supports Beep Presence Button Alarm Battery

Now in the community installer