[release] Iris v1 Range extender zigbee driver

This is based on Andrew Davison UK AlertMe plug code .

Modified for the USA range extender. You can monitor battery & online status. It still needs work but if you want to try it

Im interested in what your batteries say and what firmware results you get,

Also interested in if you can get ZWAVE side paired im having trouble keeping zwave online.

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Just found this. Nice work BTW. Mine is the REP 800. I did try and pair the zwave but couldn't get it to pair. Iris Zigbee paired easy.

This is what mine reports.
RE Current States

REP901 pairs for both...I performed the zigbee paring as described, finalized that, started zwave inclusion, then pressed the button on the unit. Paired immediately.

Battery 100% at 4.31v
Firmware: RepeaterPlug Firmware :[2013-06-28] Report to DEV Firm and MDL Driver v2.0

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