[Release] iopool EcO Connect Integration

The iopool's EcO pool & spa water quality meter is a mobile solution for monitoring the temperatures, pH, and oxidation-reduction potential. The mobile app provides notifications when the water falls out of desirable state, and even recommends the exact steps to take to correct the issue. Now you can bring the data provided by your iopool EcO into your smart home system.

The integration and drivers are rather simple, and I am open to recommendations for change.


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Requires BOTH the EcO Start (probe) and Connect (WiFi gateway) ? $299 vs $249 ?

No, but without the gateway, you must have the app running in a smart device, within range, which sort of defeats the purpose of the system. The $299 system is what I have which is the probe and the gateway. My gateway was offline while developing and I was receiving updates via the app through to my driver. When I discovered it was offline and rebooted it, I started getting updates more frequently from the gateway instead. So I highly recommend using the model with the gateway.

For user’s of iopool EcO or pHin that do not have the gateway, it will connect both devices and it is shipping. Not sure if it available by itself just yet though.

As I am not associated with iopool.com, no promises here on what you can or cannot buy. I am just relaying what I have learned from their site.

You can see here in their app screen shot, that they show how both are connected to internet and will publish the pool data

Thank you so much for creating this

Your welcome. I still need to create a messaging mechanism so my rules don’t have to be so complex to alert my home about spa/pool maintenance needs.

Are you planning on using Pushover?

It will use whatever notification devices are setup in HE. For me personally, yes, I would use pushover, as I can rely on it to get notifications to me that I see. I never see the notification from iopool, but always see pushover ones.

I use rules for this now.

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Curious to hear feedback on iopool generally?

I used one for my spa. Before I got it, I was constantly checking and adjusting chemicals. Now it tells me exactly where the water state is and I almost never touch the spa water.

About 1.5 years into ownership it stated acting up. The shipped me a brand new one free of charge. The u it is good for two years, but buying a new every two years is totally worth it to me.

Rookie pool owner question: don’t you have to touch the water anyway in order to adjust the chemicals once iopool tells you the water state?

Of course. IOPool monitors water quality over the duration of the entire day, and makes recommendations on water adjustments based on long term monitoring. The key difference is that when you use strips, you are testing the water for a 1-3 second dip. This means you either under or over adjust the chemicals. With the iopool, if you use their chemicals, it will tell you exactly how much acid or ph+ to add, taking the guess work out of monitoring the pool. And since it is monitoring 24/7, should the water become too alkaline or too acidic, you get instant alerts. Pool management is much easier as you now have a system that tells you what to add, how much, and when.

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Hijacking of thread now complete :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thanks @armand

no worries. I doubt anybody here uses this besides me. But for me, I finally got to stop messing with my spa every couple days. Now I just tend to it when it tells me to. It works in spas, but it intended for pools.

I use Sutro for my spa but will look into this as well.

Couple of questions. How does iopool test the water? Does it use test strips you load or how does it actually test? Second, can you force it to take a test or do you have to rely on the times it tests throughout the day? Sutro tests 3 times a day for me but because I dont subscribe to their ultra premium subscription I can’t ask it to run a test now. Sutro also uses a cartridge that you have to swap out monthly to continue testing as well as the battery. I like the no subscription model.

There are three probes on n the device. There are no test strips. I don’t know the details on how it work, but it’s an electronic process, not a water sampling and color reaction test.

You can pull down on the app screen to refresh, but the device does not provide instant testing. It works over time to avoid chemical swings.