[Release] iopool EcO Connect Integration

The iopool's EcO pool & spa water quality meter is a mobile solution for monitoring the temperatures, pH, and oxidation-reduction potential. The mobile app provides notifications when the water falls out of desirable state, and even recommends the exact steps to take to correct the issue. Now you can bring the data provided by your iopool EcO into your smart home system.

The integration and drivers are rather simple, and I am open to recommendations for change.


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Requires BOTH the EcO Start (probe) and Connect (WiFi gateway) ? $299 vs $249 ?

No, but without the gateway, you must have the app running in a smart device, within range, which sort of defeats the purpose of the system. The $299 system is what I have which is the probe and the gateway. My gateway was offline while developing and I was receiving updates via the app through to my driver. When I discovered it was offline and rebooted it, I started getting updates more frequently from the gateway instead. So I highly recommend using the model with the gateway.

For user’s of iopool EcO or pHin that do not have the gateway, it will connect both devices and it is shipping. Not sure if it available by itself just yet though.

As I am not associated with iopool.com, no promises here on what you can or cannot buy. I am just relaying what I have learned from their site.

You can see here in their app screen shot, that they show how both are connected to internet and will publish the pool data

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