[Release] Introducing driver for Zigbee Thermostat Stelpro Allia

I wrote a new Zigbee driver for the Stelpro Allia thermostats. It is available here:

Thanks to all who helped!

I will probably make some modifications to improve on it, but it already works and is a great start.


New release, with added preferences to customize how frequently power and temperature are reported. This is to address possible issues with thermostats flooding the hub's zigbee radio.

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Thanks It works for Stelpro Orleans fan Heater.

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Good to know! Thanks

This driver is now available with HPM.

Appreciate the driver, has allowed me to get my StelPro Orleans baseboard heater connected.

One thing to comment on here: The Orleans series has two functions that aren't currently supported. The first is the heating power segments, according to the manual they're defined as:
0 segments: 0%
• 1 segment: 1-20%
• 2 segments: 21-40%
• 3 segments: 41-60%
• 4 segments: 61-80%
• 5 segments: 81-100%

And then there is a BOOST mode which sets the heater to highest fan speed and power and changes the setpoint temp to 30C. Additionally it has a timer for 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes.

The BOOST functionality is of low value but the ability to set different heating power segments for faster or more economical heating would be of value.

Thanks for all hard work on this.

Log files are also giving this error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_Mboisson_Stelpro_Allia_ZigBee_Thermostat_654.sendEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap, java.lang.String) values: [[name:thermostatFanMode], off] on line 452 (method setThermostatFanMode)

First, sorry for the delay, I was on vacation for the past 4 weeks and I just came back. Unfortunately though, I do not have the Orleans series, so I have no way to test and develop that feature. The Stelpro that I have do not have a mode ther than heat or idle.

I will try to have a look at this one, but it probably won’t be until next weekend.

It's all good, there's no urgency just wanted to give you an update. If there's anything I can do on my end that would assist with supporting the Orleans series please let me know. I'd be happy to help.

I have the Orleans heaters and will gladly test! The driver I am using now works but it doesn't conform to the Thermostat JSON outlined in the Hubitat docs which will surely be a problem in the future. Mentioned here...

My heaters have no fan, just convection. Here is the old driver for reference.

And the manual for reference...

There is now version 1.2 of this driver, with proper support for ThermostatModes and ThermostatFanModes (even though this thermostat does not have a fan, nor actual modes...). This makes it work with the new Easy Dashboards.

Once updated, you will need to hit the Configure button for each of your devices using this driver.

I do no think I can develop this without having such a heater myself. I would need to have zigbee logs to even possibly read the attribute, but then sending a command to change the value... your guess is as good as mine. This is likely in a proprietary zigbee attribute, not something standard.