[Release] Hubitat Ping

I've been looking for a way to monitor when one my hubs is unavailable in order to automatically reboot it. Any reason I can't use this cool driver to fill that need? I'm picturing using RM, triggered when responseReady=TRUE to then evaluate Presence. If Not Present, then "Send Post to: http:/[hub-ip-address]/hub/restart", eh?

I'm going to try this. Any reason it won't work?
And am I essentially recreating this app inefficiently and with multiple hubs?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Edit: @thebearmay, I just tried the above. In RM, if you try to use a conditional with a custom attribute of responseReady, RM gives you the following error: "Not supported attribute type: BOOL". I assume that means it's a Boolean value that RM can't test for. If that's correct, I'm wondering if you can change the attribute format of responseReady to something else so that it's value can be evaluated by RM?

Interesting, never realized that an attribute couldn’t be a boolean. I’ll change it to a string.


yknow what's weird, there are other boolean fields that can be evaluated using RM, so I don't really know why it doesn't work in this case. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can comment.

Perhaps post a screenshot of how you were trying to do the comparison in the rule?

2.1.8 is out. Value is still true/false but is now a string.

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Wonder if they are actually ENUM with possibleValues set to true/false…

Wondered the same, so I tried it. No joy. Still stuck.

Edit: will try to version and revert.

Could there be a problem with HPM manifest? I updated via HPM no problem. It shows 2.1.8 is installed. But when I view the driver code itself, it still shows 2.1.7?

Just updated my production hub using HPM and got the right version, so not sure why you didn’t get the latest version. Might try doing a repair from HPM.

Thanks for making the change. Able to use RM now without a problem, thanks.

FWIW, I still get errors through HPM. Maybe it’s me:

Not sure about the HPM/github issue, as it would have been the same manifest and files for a repair as for the update, but have seen and gotten it before. Glad that it is working for you though.

Hey @thebearmay I was looking for the capability to notify me if one of my hubs goes offline - looks like this and a Notifier task will do the job - thanks!

I noticed there is no option to "Enable description text logging" ala a log entry when it changes to/from present. And debug logging also doesn't report the presence status. Was this by design?

I just didn't think about it - like everything else it started small and keeps growing. Would be fairly easy to add though, just want presence change logged or ??

Presence changed would make sense. Maybe ping started, stopped, success, failure as well?

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v2.1.10 is out with the Text Logging option

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[SOLVED] FOUND IT! Hubitat Ping does create a custom 'User' device type, selectable from the drop-down 'Type' while creating a new device. It's located waaaaayy down at the bottom end of the list, which is why I didn't see it the first time around. Just leaving these breadcrumbs here for other n00bs to find later. :slight_smile:

Original rant:

I feel like a n00b asking this, but... having Install'ed your HubPing package using HPM, it's nowhere to be found now. Not under Apps > New User App > (not on list). Did a "Repair", still not on list.

Went poking around thinking maybe it just adds a custom device type under Devices > Virtual, etc. but pretty sure that's incorrect. Tested similar theory by opening Rule Manager (since so many mentions of RM above in this thread) to see if it introduced a new Trigger or Action. Nope.

Any clue what might be going on? Strange it's the only custom app not appearing on that list, not even under Developer > Apps Code.

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P.S. Imma go try doing the ol' copy-and-paste method from 2.1.10 on your Github repo. Oops, an "Metadata Error:Please check if you inadvertently pasted driver code into apps code window on line 41" error leads me to believe it may live under > Drivers Code. Yep. Starting to see the light...!(?) But still pondering how to deploy in typical usage. Hmm...

P.P.S. Thanks for taking the time to craft this bad boy. Can tell people are psyched!

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I've also fallen into the trap of "user devices" are at bottom :wink:

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Can you ping a mac address?

Don’t have access to the arp command from the hub so I can’t use it to get the IP for the ping. I’ll poke around to see if there is another solution, but doubtful.

There are so many pieces someone coming in has to "discover they need", I think this has been talked about elsewhere that a Best Practice Configuration of a hub with a cadre of Apps & Drivers needs to be established IF stuff like this is not going to be integrated as a baseline capability in HE (in order to improve functional resilience).

Hats off again to @thebearmay ...but time and time again I find myself going, "I need that, lots of people should have that, it's a solution for a problem you don't want to have at the most inopportune time", but how the hell would folks know it even exists, and should be loaded for just the purpose you outlined, without spending time reading all this stuff like it's a hobby.