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I am new to Hubitat and your amazing dashboard app. I have spent 2 days readying this thread from top to bottom so I could learn as much as I can before asking questions.

Well, I could not find anyone else having troubles with the pollen device but when I try to add it to my phone I get prompted for a zip code but it will not allow me to enter a value. Is anybody else seeing this?

now that's impressive! I can barely find a post from a few days ago :slight_smile: Anyway, no worries about asking questions even if they've been asked before.

when I try to add it to my phone I get prompted for a zip code but it will not allow me to enter a value

I was about to say I just added a new Pollen tile last week on vacation and it worked fine. But, I tried it just now and you're right - nothing happens. I'll fix it now

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It would be nice if there was a way to set default values for switches. For instance, clicking a switch won't just turn a device on, but turn it on and set the colour temp to a certain value & level to a certain value.

Here's an unrealted idea that I thought of when playing around with something completely differnt: Create a tile that combine data from multiple sensors and show an average.

For example, if there are three or four multi-sensors in a room, create a device that will show the average temp, average humidity, etc. from all selected sensors.

(I don't need this feature nor do I have any use for it, but I thought it might be useful for some folks :slight_smile: )

Hello, I was trying to have live tiles of my Reolink security cameras using an RTSP links. I tested in VLC and the feed links work, however when I use the same links in Hubitat Dashboard it says read timed out. Any idea what could be my problem?

I noticed that @genelevi63 had the same issue a couple of months ago. Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

Mine APPEARED to be a user: password issue. Once I corrected that and figured out the correct syntax it worked properly.

version 1.0.1155 (beta)

  • fix pollen tile (enter zip code)
  • DateTime variable support for time only devices
  • minor improvements for energy monitor devices

Only a few minor UI changes with this one.

I got a couple of energy monitoring smart plugs (Kasa KP115) on sale for $13 (I'm also using the Kasa Hubitat driver). By default the app detects these devices as switches. You can also manually change to the 'power' device type. I'm still thinking about some way to combine the 2 but for now I'm displaying the kWh on the switch device type.

  • both devices below are switch + energy monitoring; first tile is switch device type and second is the 'power meter' device type
    image image
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this should be fixed now

Hey there.
Okay, so thought I would try pollen count, as I suffer from allergies.
It allows you to enter a Zip Code, but I am from Canada.
Any options for other countries?

"Alexa, show me the front door" shows me the video from my ring camera on my Amazon HD pads that have Alexa installed. Any way to get that same functionality with this app loaded on my Fire pads?

I only know about pollen.com - which is where I'm getting this data from. If it's possible to also get the count in Canada, can you let me know how?

side-note - pollen.com isn't the most robust website/server.. often my requests time-out. If you are using a zip code it can take several attempts before it comes back with any data. It should eventually display though and from that point I only try to refresh the data every hour

Looks like we use the weather network, typically.
Local News sources also provide the pollen data.

Just added the Pollen Tile and working great. Thanks.

Hmm.. it'd be nice if there was some kind of API or even just a URL that the resulting page can be 'scraped' to find the pollen count for the next <5> days.

For the pollen count tile, I was originally going to use this Hubitat driver. But, I looked at the code to do it and wanted to get the 5-day forecast and not just the 3 day forecast which is why I'm doing it in the dashboard app instead.

There is mention of an asthma monitor on that page though.. does that work for Canada? If so, I can look at supporting it. Or, if you can find another Hubitat pollen driver let me know and I'll try to support that too

I am trying to add a "text" tile to display song information that I manipulate with webcore. Added a device (Virtual Omni Sensor) as suggested here : Text on Dashboard tile under program control - #2 by bertabcd1234. But the presence attribute is always displayed even if it is not selected in the Manage Display Items.

EDIT : Solution....make a HE system virtual variable that is text and use that as a tile. Worked perfectly.

REQUEST : tile size larger than 4 columns for landscape pads.

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I have a 3 icon sensor - how can I change the motion icon to Red when the motion is active?

The running man gets a bit lost in the white ..

Also - +1 to the 'allow tile to be > 4... I use a blank tile to make up the layout for rows that aren't full - I end up using multiple blank tiles side by side ATM.

Good question! You can change icons/colors/backgrounds for a specific device type such as motion sensor or temp. But, it doesn't work for the multiple value device type as I see.

I'll have to think how to handle that.. the design today has 1 set of values (color/icon/background) for each device type + state (on and off).

If this were a folder instead and you had 3 separate devices in that folder - they would all show their correct on/off states.. that's just due to how folders are displayed.

Maybe I can see if I can treat multiple value devices more like folders in that sense.. in fact clicking on the tile could technically display all of the 'values' separately like you'd expect if this were a folder and 3 devices instead of a single device with multiple values..

Anyway, I'll see if I can figure out a good way to handle this

This would be easy to implement.. with the only caveat that if you pick a number larger than the number of columns or rows that can fit on the screen it can create scrolling issues. While I could simply limit the number to what's displayed - it's tricky because you could be adjusting the values in portrait mode but want it for landscape mode..

side-note - I still want to improve the UI for changing tile sizes

Can we change the color of the text in tiles?

Hello, I am not seeing battery monitor in my list of device types to add:

Does that mean I don't have a battery type that is supported? For example my August Smart Locks are on the dashboard but maybe AA battery monitoring isn't supported? I do monitor them in the BatteryMonitor app.

I do like the way the text tiles automatically adjust text size and center the text.

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