[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (no longer SmartThings!)

Happy Friday!!!

SmartThings Remote Client v1.3.2 has been released today! This release brings parity between Hubitat and SmartThings by adding the ability to send mode changes from a SmartThings hub to yourt Hubitat server hub.



Is there a trick to get all hubs to sync "time"? If I reboot all 3 hubs, the one I started with displays the correct "current hub time" in the hub details settings, the 2 new hubs I added show an hour ahead. After each reboot, I must go into the hub settings of the 2 new ones and click the "update time from browser time"?

Oh hell no!!


Three hubs in one house is the same as one hub in three houses. Time is a 'network resource' in the form of an NTP server somewhere. ( I have one in my house, my DHCP issues it's IP on every DHCP response.) There was a discussion in this Forum regarding where Hubitat gets time. I never saw the definitive answer. It came up in terms of Firewall Blocking, if I remember right.

You should not have to be setting Time more than once per home/per hub. (Next time you move to another state and have to change timezone, that will be the 2nd time you should ever have to set time.) If it's not working that way, my first reaction is 'fix it' so it does :smiley:

Phrasing. :slight_smile: We are all here BECAUSE there is no parity. Hubitat rules!


I take it that means I should contact support...lol?

Maybe.. you know your network, better than me. (Ok, wait, yes, I'm in on your network now.. ok, what's that blue box over there doing?) :smiley: :smiley:

If you have a Firewall blocking the Hub(s) from getting internet time: (eg. pool.ntp.org on a C5) then yes, apparently you'll have to set browser time on a hub.

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On SmartThings/DeviceTypes didn't have Omnipurpose-Sensor. With motion sensor Aeon Multisensor 6 what the is Device Types I need to choice with 7 current states ? Thanks.

So the Omnisensor type exists as kind of a catch-all for sensors. For the Multisensor 6 you will want to select those devices as Omnisensor. I have a couple of them and it works perfectly with them.

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Sorry, on ST device type :


don't have type for Omnisensor ?

So am I correct is assuming Smart Things will not see devices on the Habitat Server? I was hoping this was 2 way for devices. so that all devices were on Hubitat, but I could do rules on ST so that I could use ST for text messages and complicated rules that Hubitat cant do.

@srwhite I finally installed and configured HubConnect this morning, and removed HubLink. Wow! This is fast! Thank you for your efforts and skill! This is the second user app that I have installed that has been rock solid and functions better than expected. Substantially faster than HubLink, and much more configurable. Thank you again! FYI - the first and only other user app that I have had success with is the new homebridge maker api...


Incorrect, you can share devices between both hubs, ST and HE.

Incorrect too, you can do the same on HE, but only if you are a webCoRE lover then ST cloud is a better place to run webCoRE, but still attached to a cloud and HE is local power, so use it! :wink:

how do i get items from he to show up in st

On the HE server app, click the ST hub name, then this

Remember to install the drivers needed in ST first before clicking done. Good luck.


The devices still do not show up in ST, both HE and ST show connected to each other.

Did you installed the HubConnect drivers in ST?

Wow I feel like such a newbie, I forgot to publish them.

One last thing, Is there a way to pass the system status of HE Safety Monitor to ST

Ahh, good one, not directly but problably creating a virtual switch and a rule to change the status of the switch for each HSM status will do the trick.

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That was my work around. And currently using

Also there are 2 Drivers that do not work. Button and Keypad Gave an error when adding them. (I removed the affected devices as I don't have to have them)