[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (no longer SmartThings!)

Here's a more complete "set" of logs...

app:339 2022-02-05 10:12:43.257 am trace Creating Device HubConnect Dimmer - pseudoSTDimmer...
app:339 2022-02-05 10:12:28.144 am trace Received ping from ST Hubless.
app:339 2022-02-05 10:11:38.910 am info  Deleting device pseudoDimmer as it is no longer shared with this hub.
app:339 2022-02-05 10:11:16.533 am trace Received ping from ST Hubless.
app:339 2022-02-05 10:10:37.606 am trace HubConnect Dimmer pseudoDimmer ( exists... Skipping creation..
--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

From the bottom, is another mirroring of devices that exist.. it skips the create. Next up is me deleting the device from the ST end. And at the top is what to expect when a "new mirror" occurs. (When I first created that fake ST device, I happened to name it too similar to a device I had on my Hubitat hub already... so I took this opportunity to improve the naming :slight_smile: )

Ok, thank you, did the above - literally the 4th time I've done this, and now finally the devices appeared in Devices.

So bizarre!

Working on a new instructions doc with links to everything one needs for both Hubitat and SmartThings, your excellent instructions combined into a new doc of "here is exactly what you do in February of 2022 to connect SmartThings to Hubitat" - hopefully it will save the next person doing this hours of combing threads and outdated docs.

THANK YOU again for the quick responses!

Unfortunately I didn't have the debug and logs running previously, so after you told me how to do the above, once I did have them on, the logs reported 'devices existed' and then when I went back to Devices, sure enough they were there this time. Not sure why the previous 3 times doing the same thing didn't create them, but now I know how to use logs! Thank you!

the Device page isn't dynamic... meaning there's no automatic update when the list changes, you have to refresh.

Oh trust me, I know that. I refreshed and went in and out of Devices multiple times before starting a post here. Something was wrong or not connecting the first few times but since I didn't know about logging, we'll never know....

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I've released the ProBundles with instructions here:

There's nothing new within the bundles, these are simply the ProBundles and aren't behind the "Free wall" of HubConnect.to.

Anyone having ST side problems? Mine keeps saying SmatThings offline. I go to reconnect and it gives me an error in ST.

Side note...do I actually even need this anymore? We have Samsung appliances and as I understand it, those aren't actually connected to the hub.

SmartThings can work cloud only in specific circumstances.

When devices are paired to the ST Hub, then you need the hub online to get those devices to work.

For cloud-to-cloud devices, then no powered ST Hub is needed. HubConnect will connect to your ST's Cloud account and interact with the selected devices.

I have a Simulated Dimmer defined in ST's IDE and mirror that device to my Hubitat and control it from either platform... no actual ST hub required. It's not terribly useful, except for me, in terms of testing Hubitat released with HubConnect.

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the question is: how long will IDE be available before it and groovy are shut down :slight_smile:

Don't know. I don't keep track of their announcements. :frowning: But as of right now, today, it's working.

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So for the time being it looks like the problems I'm having are actually from the beta update. Going forward because it is all appliances and they are not actually physically linked to the hub I guess I could probably retire that.

I've gone and deleted the hub from my ST Account several months ago... but I don't think that's a step everyone should take. :slight_smile:

Yea, that's the Land Of Confusion I went through last night. It had been at least a month, probably two, since I had rebuilt the Hubless ST instance I had used a year or so ago. :slight_smile:

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I still have my Arlo cameras connected to HE through ST. I finally, after over a year, turned off my ST hub. I didn't think I needed it anymore but I just never got around to testing that the integration would work with out the hub. It's still working as of now.

Well, SmartThings originally scheduled for the Groovy cloud and the IDE to be shutdown by the end of 2021. Their schedule seems to have slipped a small amount. They must be living on the Edge over there.


Can someone help fill a gap in my understanding please: What other brands of hub other than SmartThings does this app connect to directly on the LAN? Does it (or any other app for that matter) connect to Aqara or Tuya hubs and if not is that cos no one was moved to do that yet or because there is an inherent technical obstacle?

Hubitat or SmartThings, and probably not much longer for SmartThings. The reasons would vary. Some hubs don't have an open API that lets you connect at all. Others have a vastly different architecture where it would make more sense to organize things differently (e.g., Home Assistant, where something like this is possible but with other apps; and quite possibly future SmartThings, should anyone decide it's worth the effort).

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I would go with this reason as the most likely.

HubConnect has a public API and anyone can write code for another hub. No one has yet except @dan.t with his version of Homebridge plug-in. (MakerAPI and EventStream are similar and it's just convenience that distinguishes them.)

As @bertabcd1234 indicated, having a hub that exposes its events is one critical element. No API makes finding that data a much harder task.

Home Assistant coders went with Hubitat's Maker API path, and created a "good enough" interconnect set of tools.

Doubling down on "cos no one was moved to do that yet", it requires a rather specific person: one that has the other Hub and enough of a need to interconnect them plus the programming skills to code to the API. Then enough confidence to make their work public.

@dan.t is the only one in that category, so far. :smiley:


This is more of a Smartthings question but thought I'd try my luck here first. I'm unable to delete an old instance of the Remote Client App in Smartthings. I get the error "There was a problem connecting. Try again later". I tried the "Disconnect Server Hub & Remove this instance" option from within the app instance but that doesn't seem to remove it. I also removed any hubconnect apps/drivers on the HE server hub to ensure that wasn't causing the issue.

I don't want to delete the app from Smartthings IDE entirely because I do have a working instance in Smartthings that is connected to a different server HE hub. This issue probably related to the degradation of groovy but was wondering if there was some other workaround for this.

Edit: Within 1 minute of me submitting this question I got it to work. This is how I was able to delete:

Click on the app instance.
Click Disconnect Server Hub & Remove this instance
Click 3 dot menu on the top right
Click Delete app

Upon doing this I checked and that the other instance that I'm actively using is still there and working fine.

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Hello. Just wanted to check if I could send the Nest Doorbell device which has native integration in smartthings to Hubitat. I could not find the device in Smartthings IDE (probably because it's a cloud device). I checked the different device types in the Remote Client App but did not see it.

Is it correct that a doorbell/camera device isn't supported?