[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (no longer SmartThings!)

Oh nice! Okay, I might just try 1.6.4 now and then when 2.0 comes out run the Uninstall on my two hubs. Thanks!

You do NOT have to uninstall to upgrade to v2.0. (This isn't Windows.)

You will just follow the upgrade instructions, which is 95% the Instructions you already followed. There's a SmartThings Hub driver in v2.0 that wasn't in prior versions, for example.

If you installed v1.6 to just experiment and having learned things you choose to start all over, I get it. but I'm trying to make it clear it's not required and probably not what 99% of v1.6 users will do.

I used v2.0 on both sets of interconnected Hubs... I have my 3 Production hubs on one Set and my 2 Development hubs in another Set. All of them were running v2.0 during virtually all of it's development. Eventually I forgot enough about v1.6 that I couldn't answer questions skillfully. I reverted the Development pair to v1.6.4 just to be able to remind myself. On the Day of Release of v2.0, I'll once again upgrade the 1.6 pair to v2.0 by following the Upgrade Instructions. There's an Install Instructions, and since I won't be following that document, I'll ask you to let us know if the instructions need revising. :smiley:

I could certainly do that!

Keep an eye on this thread for an exciting announcement later today....



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We're watching.


HubConnect 2.0 PUBLIC Release Candidate 1 Released!

HubConnect 2.0 RC 1 is now available to anyone who wishes to test it.

Please note that this is still not considered production code. It is strongly suggested that only those with a strong technical background and/or experience with HubConnect install it.

Please back up your hubs before proceeding!

What's New in RC1? (from beta 6)

  • Hubitat: Adds an auto-submit on the Quick Select drop-down to ensure that devices are properly saved.
  • Hubitat: Fixes incoming mode & hsm events from Remotes to server instance.
  • Server: Strip IPv6 prefix from socket IP address.

Release Announcement

To get the HubConnect 2.0 Release Candidate, please visit the new HubConnect 2.0 download section.
(Account registration is required)

Since HubConnect 1.6.4 is the still the actively supported, stable version, please open a support ticket for assistance with RC1.

Good luck!


Is that going to be required for the final version too, or just the RC?

That's going to be a requirement going forward. When the final release is made, the drivers will be posted to github, but apps code and the server will need a login to download. I've created a secure, coded downloaded link that's compatible with Hubitats Import function, so a registration doesn't mean you'll be relegated to copy & paste upgrades.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.


Has been updated for v2.0 also.

  • v2.0 specific videos
  • v2.0 proxy AutoStart how to
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v2.0 has statistics for the NodeJS Server and I've put a lot of attributes into a section of a Dashboard for 'at-a-glance' review:

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.20.49 PM

Clicking Toggle Socket in the HubConnect Hub Device (for ZeeRadioFront) changes the connectio to use the NodeJS Server.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.25.27 PM

The Attributes are from the Current States list:

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.30.14 PM

The 2nd from the right column are "proxyJitterMS" and the right most column are "proxyLatencyMS"

3rd from the right column are "eventSocketSource" for the HubConnect servers and "connectionType" for Homebridge and SmartThings, since neither support the NodeJS Server.


Just want to double check. With 2.0 there is no update for the HubConnect Remote Hub driver, correct?

So I have Hubconnect set up to connect to my HOOBS raspberry pi so I can control everything via Siri. The only thing I had left from my Smartthings set up was my garage door opener. I connected my garage door to HOOBS (MyQ) but I'm wondering why it doesn't show up as a device in Hubitat like all the things from ST did. Amy I missing something?

If you are updating from 1.6 everything is updated; every driver and app has been changed. :slight_smile:

Coming from beta 6, see the release announcement for a list of changed files.

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Did you go into the HubConnect Remote Client on SmartThings and share it to your Server Hub? Does the device show up in the device list on your Hubitat server hub? I'm assuming you're using the HubConnect-Homebridge client on HOOBS? If so, you'll need to re-share the Garage Door controller from your server hub to your Homebridge client.

Where is the HubConnect Remote Hub driver? I'm not seeing it on the 2.0 download page.

It's in the "Hubitat Drivers" category.

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Thanks. I got it. Don't know why I didn't think to look there.

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Nothing is on Smartthings anymore. I integrated it into HOOBS. Just want it to show up on my Hubitat dash.

You can read in the Homebridge threads that Apple doesn't distribute devices 'outward'.

You have to virtualize it by creating virtual devices in Hubitat and sharing them into Homebridge. Then in Apple's Home app, create automations to 'copy states'.

In other words, for a GDO, you'd send a Virtual Switch to Homebridge and then couple the switch changes into the corresponding switch of MyQ.

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