[RELEASE] Heatit ZM Dimmer 250W with secure S2 support

Heatit released some dimmers with Z-Wave 800 chips (Heatit ZM Dimmer 250W - Heatit). The price here (Europe) is very competitive and the specs are as well. Only drawback is that the switch inputs only support momentary switches and no toggle. As the generic Z-wave Dimmer drivers do not seem support power readings and the configuration parameters are quite unique I took the time to to write this specific driver. You can find the driver here https://github.com/reneboer/Hubitat/tree/main/Heatit.

The driver fully supports Secure S2 if you would like to use that. I tested it with Smart start and normal secure and insecure manual inclusion.

Let me know what you think.

Cheers Rene