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So I had a look back through previous posts in another thread (posts 44 to 55 in this thread - Honeywell Evohome - #44 by johnwill1) regarding the correct display of this thermostat (Heat only with controls available regardless of mode).

Apparently it uses the Thermostat Heating Setpoint capability. When it was added in Sharp Tools it had to be added as a Temperature Sensor which then exposed that additional capability. It's different with Sharp Tools in that once you add a device tile under its main capability, it's then possible to edit the tile layout to show any of the devices available capabilities.

I did some testing and found a couple of cases where the app didn't automatically switch between cloud and local modes. I'm not sure if this is what's happening to you or not but I do have some updates I'll try to push out shortly which should help.

I also wanted to update the documentation I have regarding cloud/local mode detection and I wrote it all down here

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There seems to be a possible bug with a Time/Date tile. I've set the format as:

EEE dd MMM kk:mm

It displays midnight and after as 24 hours rather than 00

EDIT: Fixed - User Error

kk will display hours from 1-24. What I believe you’re looking for would be HH which gives you 0-23


Thanks - I must have missed that on the document - now updated to HH :+1:t2:

Since I noticed and after I upgraded to .138 yesterday my app usage for maker api went from around 7% to back down under 1% where it always used to be. Just fyi.


Shameless plug. I am just putting this out there.....if you are using this app, then you NEED to be donating to this project. Many of us here are programmers of some fashion and we are keenly aware of the tremendous effort @jpage4500 is putting into this fantastic app. I use it throughout my house and on my phones every day. And I am increasing its use in other ways. This app is AMAZING and I would like to keep the development moving forward. Donate please.


Hmm.. has to be a coincidence in my mind. I can't think of any changes I've made that would increase (or decrease) the number of makerAPI calls.

What will dramatically increase MakerAPI calls is being in cloud mode since the app has to continually 'poll' the API to get device state changes (vs having them pushed).

somewhat related - I actually opened a request to be able to get 'push' updates via the cloud

Thanks for the kind words -- and the donation!! I started this app a few years ago since I thought it was something that not only I really wanted to have but thought others would be interested in as well. It also helped that Covid shut everything down right after I started it giving me a LOT of free time during the evenings to work on it..

My kids give me a hard time actually when I told them I don't charge for it.. I'm not sure they understand how someone can work on something and just give it away lol :slight_smile: But, I try to explain to them that this isn't unique and I've benefited as well from this community of apps and drivers so it's kind of my way to give back a little in turn. But, I will say it always gives me an extra boost of motivation reading all of the kind words I've gotten and any donations are also very appreciated (I've used them to help offset buying new smart home devices which I way to support/test in the app too)


Just trying this app for the first time on fire tablet 8, and it seems like a pretty cool app so far.
I'm curious, is there a way to change the kwh, to just show wh?
Just looks a little funny, that my lightbulb is running three times as high as my air conditioner.:rofl:

@mike8itall What version of the app are you on? The issue with my devices showing energy (kWh) instead of power (w) was resolved a versions back. What device is your 'lightbulb' specifically? It may be that the app is still displaying the incorrect attribute for that device type (energy instead of power)

Yeah, that was a bug :slight_smile: It's fixed in the beta version of the app but it's been a while since I've updated the release version so I'll do that now


I know that you can save the backup to a cloud drive.
But I also have saved the backup to my android and I can't for the life of me find the backup file.
I don't find a folder with the word Hubitat in it. What is the app folder name?

If you save to device it just saves to a private internal app folder (something like /data/data/com.jpage4500.hubitat if you have root access to your device) which won't be visible using any kind of file explorer tools.

My intent with the 'save to device' was to just keep make the backups visible to the app's UI (vs using Google Drive, the hub, etc) and not requiring any additional Android permissions.

I know there's another location apps can save files which is visible to anyone.. it would look something like /sdcard/Android/data/com.jpage4500.hubitat/. I might be able to change the logic to save files there instead -- I'd just need to also keep reading from both locations so existing files are still able to be restored

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This was a question about assigning icons to buttons, right? I had started to reply yesterday but wanted to make sure I verified it first.. anyway, maybe you figured it out but for anyone else too that might have that question you should be able to use icons for buttons by hitting edit -> manage buttons -> click on the little picture icon to the right of the button label -> pick icon


Yes. Thanks for the reply. I did figure it out.

@jpage4500 is it possible to get a different time for our thermostats? I don't know if this is your creation or Hubitat's but the thermostat doesn't even show the actual temp while it's running.

I have been trying to get this update from the Play Store since you posted the message with no luck. I am in the beta and most always I can get the update the next day you post the new version. I currently have v. 1.0.1595

Anyone else able to get the newest version?

@jpage4500, I'm in the same boat as @swade

I will look into it. Pushing updates to Google Play is setup to be mostly automatic for me and my primary tablets use the direct/manual apk method so I don't normally notice if/when it's actually available there.

Somewhat related - I did push a few small updates yesterday:

version 1.0.1615 (beta)

  • changes to 'auto' mode to better detect if on local network
  • allow custom icon for video view
  • add check for ThermostatMode to determine a thermostat device type
  • show play icon on top of youtube video thumbnail
  • use external folder to save backup files (publicly visible)

I mostly wanted to get the cloud detection logic out there.

I'm also saving backup files to a publicly visible folder on your device (on my test device the full path is: /sdcard/Android/data/com.jpage4500.hubitat/) but it'll still look in the old location when restoring a file as well.

Youtube video's now show a little youtube icon on top to make it more clear what kind of tile this is. I'm not showing the device/tile 'name' anywhere so if that would be helpful let me know.

I'm still looking at this one btw - the new version of the app will detect this device as a Thermostat device type but it's not going to look right. I want to be careful not to break any existing Thermostats and it doesn't seem like that driver follows the [docs] Hubitat lists (Driver Capability List - Hubitat Documentation) which makes it harder. I'll probably need some help testing this in the future if you're ok with that

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