[Release] Hank RGBW Bulb (HKZW-RGB01) Driver

Hi, here is a driver for the Hank RGBW Z-Wave bulb sold by various market places as either Hank, Intertek or Monoprice. The Z-Wave alliance listing is here or here depending on your model. Before you tell me there is no reason for this to exist because... "There is an OOB driver. Why don't you just use that?" Well, I guess this adds more flexibility and I wanted it?

I rewrote parts of Brian's "Lighting Effects" app and fooled around with it for color changing bulbs randomly but at the end of the day doing color changing in software is less desirable when it can be done on the firmware. I don't think it was known, at least to the ST or HE community, that this bulb supported "fun modes" in hardware but I found an obscure manual for a similar model of RGBW bulb produced by Hank that did support it. I tried it on the HKZW-RBG01 and it worked. It was not documented completely and parts that were documented were wrong. (Read: I want your praise and appreciation if you wanted this functionality.) My tiny daughters just had to have their colors and I was jealous of the Zigbee bulbs doing this in hardware. This driver supports "fun modes".

Fun Modes

  • Breathe - You can specify a color to fade in and out
  • Blink - You can specify a color to blink
  • Color Roll - The bulb cycles through all colors
  • Breathing Color Roll - The bulb breathe cycles through all colors
  • Color Bounce - The bulb changes abruptly to a random color
  • Blinking Color Bounce - The bulb blinks to a random color

Besides that the driver supports setting level over a duration of up to 127 minutes. This was limited much lower or done incorrectly in other versions of the driver. If you want to wake up with this bulb this change makes that much easier.


If there is any feedback I may change how flash is implemented. If you want to flash a CT color... you can't. I used the hardware capability to flash and it only supports hues but not saturation or level.

Please let me know if you use the driver. In fact, please let me know if you have one of these bulbs at all.


Fun modes video:

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Thanks! I have one of these in one of my daughters' bedroom and she has loved it just as a colored light, but I know she will love playing with the fun modes now also. Although that means I need to find some way to conveniently switch them for her. She is used to controlling the bulb by her Google Mini...

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I literally just noticed that the driver isn't allowing for use in the Google Home integration. That will be fixed momentarily.

*edit: fixed... it was missing the "Light" and "ColorMode" capabilities.

Okay, now you can actually do this. :stuck_out_tongue: If you switched to the driver previous to my commits a few minutes ago the OOTB Google Home integration would have dropped out your bulbs because my driver was missing some required capabilities.

I'm not sure if you need this information but you could trigger the fun modes by setting up a virtual device and sharing that to Google Home as well. Then setup a RM rule that watches the virtual switch and calls the funMode command on the bulb when it's turned on.

Thanks! The virtual device is a great idea also. Plus I am going to steal that idea for use with my Zen31 for their lightEffects so that our Alexa/Google Home devices can trigger those.

I am interested in this driver however the GitHub link is returning a '404'. A search comes up empty. Is this still available?

I took the github down. I may make the code available at a later date but for now it is no longer available.

Heya @codahq any chance you could make this code available again? I just moved into a new apartment and purchased two of these bulbs. Having a hell of a time getting them to change colors/pulse and it seems like your driver is just what I'm looking for. Appreciate your time and effort on this!

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