[RELEASE] Google Calendar, Task, and Gmail Search and Gmail Notification Device

@trevalex, @mikee385, @gertjan.deprez a new version has been posted to GitHub, please see post 2 for version history details and links to the update files.

@mikee385 The calendar "summaryOverride" value will be the default calendar name if specified in Google.

This release also allows you to scheduled calendar searches every N hours, every N minutes, or you may enter a cron string along with previous once a day.


Sweet .. ta muchly.

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I like the update... Thx for the work you are doing.
gonna put it to a test :stuck_out_tongue:
My english isn't that good that i understand everything...
I'm at lvl -> kindergarden so i will test it.

activate a trigger X time before event isn't possible so far as i can see/understand right?

@ritchierich Now this is working in this fashion Calendar driven Automation is a pretty easy.
Use cases like Heating, Lighting etc.. can all be driven by simple calendar events by looks of things.
There is actually plenty of very useful cases for those like me who rely on their calendar to do everything work and personal.

Still testing did work for one rule yesterday., so seems to be ok.

Thanks for updating the Name on the subscribed calendars.

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I am keeping the scheduling simple as running every N hours/minutes has been the common request. Happy to have others contribute to this as well. But given Rule Machine can also automate the scheduling with more complex scenarios hopefully that is an alternative for most.

just a question... again... sorry

my girlfriend has 'strange' hours to work...
example, O(shift) is 8-12.30 and again 17-20.45
how would I have to set that up...?
2 devices? 1 with the first hours and second with the second hours?
i'm adding all 19 possible shift :stuck_out_tongue: only option 16, 17, 18 and 19 has those wierd hours :stuck_out_tongue:
think i'm gonna start mine first... only 3 :smiley:

Could you not just have 1 switch that queries more frequently and toggles the switch?

I was thinking of setting up all seaches for the 19 different hours/shifts.
If one of them is on it would turn on a virtual switch and that would show up in dashboard as 'at work' and in time would trigger the electric heater in the bathroom X time before 'at work'

hope your understand my english... I prefer BE/NL :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah now I understand. So you want the switch to toggle say 60 minutes before the event start. That’s doable but you would need to be careful with frequency of the calendar search.

sorry if my english wasn't that good. I try to but it's sometimes hard to find a good word or how to explain myself.

Yeah, being carefull with frequency's is what I was thinking 2 but for work we know that for example 1 or 2 weeks before happening.
the faster frequency's would be more for announcements of appointments made the day itself
example; I teared ligaments (true storry) :cry: at work and have a last 'minute' appointment but I would forget that pretty easy, a announcement would be good.
last minute being I called the dokter (8 am) and got a appointment (2pm)... so I went back to bed...
or the son made a appointment and added it to the agenda but didn't say he was going to friends/family that afternoon,...
That's why I needed the extra fequency's :wink:

I feel like the stupid one on this topic...

i Explained my girls 'wierd' hours... now I got this issue;
M1 = 6 - 12:30
M1w = 6u - 15u
M1v = 6u - 16:15

if my string search is "M1" wil it not also trigger when it's "M1w" also?

This is a bit hard for me to understand...

Multiple search strings may be entered separated by commas. By default the search string is matched to the calendar title using a starts with search. Include a * to perform a contains search or multiple non consecutive words. For example to match both Kids No School and Kids Late School enter Kids*School.

But I guess (tested/testing) " , " can be used between search words and it will look for each and all of them "X, Y, Z"
" * " can be used to replace anything (like in windows "*.exe" would look for anything ".exe".
" * " can be any symbol (text and/or numbers and/or spacebar ) and/or many symbols.
I don't see/understand if there is anything (if needed) to fix it so "M1" isn't triggered when it should be "M1v" or something simular.

I'm so sorry to keep nocking again and again for help.

I do like the app etc. I really do, I even deleted gCalendar driver (other driver/app)

I have updated to v1.4 with offset feature for start and end times.


Not knowing all of your use cases or being able to see the calendar its a bit hard to understand but hopefully this explanation is a bit better. When querying the calendar it will take your text entered and try to do a starts with search looking for event that "start with" your search string. In your example entering M1 will find events matching M1, M1w, and M1v. If M1/M1w/M1v are the second/third/etc word within the event title enter *M1 instead and it will find titles that contain "M1".

Not sure if you have all of these on the calendar on the same date and if so it will get the first one it finds. You might need to adjust how you enter the calendar titles.

did you die... cuzz you are a angel :stuck_out_tongue:

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tadaa... "L2" is the name of the shift, the "17:00" is the start of that shift but i think that's something google just do, add start time on the calender. it's no part of the Title/discription/location.

she only has one of those names a day 'M1' or 'M1v'
example: Monday= M1; tuesday= M2v;... but a week later its totally different... that's

why they have 19 names for it i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
girlfriend walked in and saw me typing, she now claims 37 different names from her work :exploding_head:
some names do mean 'splitted hours' for example O= 8:00->12:30 and 17:00 (5pm)->20:45 (8:45pm)

her 'work' is (lucky) a different 'agenda' (her work adds evertyhing 4 - 8 week in advance). so far i haven't noticed any week being the same...

Who adds these to the calendar? Your girlfriend or work? You can also search the location field too.

Is this calendar just for her work schedule? Maybe we are overthinking this as you can simply enter * as the search string and it will get the first event of that day regardless of the title.

I like the update... it's perfect for my use case.
Some searches need more 'ofset start' then others.
If I have to work at 4pm I don't need a hour to wake up etc, i'm already awake... most of the time :smiley:

I tought it would be a general 'ofset' for all triggers... but no... you had to do that even beter.
:bowing_man: :clap: :bowing_man:
now I can select the offset needed for every case...

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yes her works adds it... we only 'recieve' it.

Yes, it's only her work schedule. I did think of that *-idea but the end goal is to turn a electrick heating on when the event is befor 11am, after that it's not needed... Think it would be to complex to do it with RM.
also it being used to 'detect' if it's possible that (in this case) she could be home or it's a enemy of the country.

and if needed a audio announcement... (speaker saying to get ready for a appointment)

I'm seeing an error in the "GCal Search Trigger" app. I assume I can work around it by setting the offset fields to zero (I left them blank), but I wanted to let you know.

Thanks for letting me know. I have logic for null checking but added that line at last minute to update settings from trigger to child switch and forgot to test null again. I will fix it later today and yes 0 should work ok for now. Thanks!

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