[Release] GoControl Wall Switch

Purchase Link:


This device fits over a light switch to provide 2 buttons that are detectable in Hubitat. Both presses and held events are detectable in Hubitat. This is a great device for lights that use Smart Bulbs.

Device Driver:

The Driver provided below allows the device to be used fully with Hubitat.
Copy and paste the GitHub Code into the Drivers Code section of the Web Portal.

Please read!:
I am an undergrad College Student. Automating my house has been a passion of mine for a while now. Everything I’ve automated was paid for with my part-time job. Please donate with the link below. Every little bit helps!


Well done, buddy!
I updated the held released event. It was not reporting this state.
I think this switch is a go-to for those who do not want to mess with wires. It's cheap and works great!
Here is the link.

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