[RELEASE] GeoHopper Multi-User Presence

I've been using GeoHopper (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geohopper/id605160102?mt=8) for many years with both ST and now Hubitat. I've had no issues with it and since official presence is still not out, I thought I'd share. It's very accurate and has the added benefit of being able to tie into iBeacons (the author of GeoHopper doesn't sell them anymore, but he may have some if you really want to buy one). I have one in my Garage and in my Car so I can send a lock command when I leave it (this is an API outside of Hubitat); the Garage one works to register that I'm getting ready to leave and to not trigger my cameras/PIR sensors when I leave the house (again, outside of Hubitat), but you can see the flexibility with an App being able to make API calls based on Geo location or iBeacons.

Idea is to create virtual presence devices as documented for each Location+Person (i.e. Home-Brian) and create the location in GeoHopper called Home and draw your circle around the location. Then install the app, select the virtual device(s) you just created, copy the URL (text it to yourself), add your name into the URL after Location (..../location/Brian?access_token=....), then plug that URL into a POST webhook within the GeoHopper App.


GeoHopper seems to have fallen out of support, yes? Looks like the paid app is no longer available and neither are the beacons. I can get Bleu Stations elsewhere (even tho that company also seems to be defunct). But I can't set up manual iBeacons in the app, due to the Buy button being disabled. So it looks like new users are going to be stuck with Geofencing only.

I'll ask him if he's still selling (@tperfitt on twitter). I don't believe it's fallen out of support, I know he's focusing on other technologies now but if there's issues with the app, he always addresses them (like updating for iPhone X). His company is definitely not defunct: https://twocanoes.com/, but that link in the app to buy the devices appears to have been left to expire.

Twocanoes has other software packages they continue to support, I see that. It's bleu.io that's defunct (they sell the Bleu Stations).

He mentioned the app and devices are still supported and being sold. They were moved to here: Proxidyne Bluetooth Sensors and Buttons - Proxidyne but it looks like the store pieces are broken. I'll bug him again. Either way, even if you just use Geolocation the app works great and doubles as a method for spouse to know when I leave work to come home, leave school, etc because of the notifications. I could probably do this within HE at some point.

I'm adding it to the arsenal of on phone trackers. But mainly I'm interested in BLE. I've been tinkering with it a bit via RbPie and iBeacons trying to roll my own, I'd be happy to not have to do the work though.


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