[RELEASE] GE/Jasco 26933 Motion Dimmer Wall Switch Driver

Pieced things together from another post on here. Built in doesn't support the dimmer or the Occupancy/Vacancy modes. This is working well for me currently.

It exposes the Occupancy and Vacancy Modes. You can create custom commands or custom actions in RM for use in your rules so you can switch occupancy() and vacancy() or even manual() if you like. I exposed most of the other parameters except a did nothing on the ramp rates. I also added a debug text switch and a descriptive logging. The descriptive logging will just tell you on/off & active/inactive.

Thanks to Michael Struck and Matt Lebaugh for the original work on Smartthings.


Updated 1.1.1
some bug fixes
updated the refresh
fixes for set level (not turning on light)

Why use this when there is now a supported device driver in HE 2.x (Jason Motion Dinmer Switch)?

I’m sure you meant Jasco

Because this one will allow you to use a custom command and use a rule to change from "Occupancy" to other modes. Case: In my Kitchen I have the switch in Occupancy mode all day, except between 8:30pm and 6am. In which case I script it to Vacancy mode. I only have some low level lights there.

It also exposes other custom commands the default driver does not.

So you are using the device to manage motion times verses HE? Never understood the reason for this. I have one in the bathroom. The only option I use outside of RM is the light sensor as the bathroom tends to have a lot of light flowing into it even on cloudy days.

Do you use it in Occupancy or Manual mode? If you don't need/want the extra settings...then it doesn't matter. I don't manage the motion times with it.

This switch is complicated and I know why HE team decided not to expose all the options. It can confuse people and cause more problems. This DH just opens up all the options of this switch/sensor combo for those that want to use them. It's quite powerful if you understand what you can do with it. Having the ability to create custom commands around it's parameters is quite useful for me.

I guess the answer lies in how one intends to use the motion sensor; if HE doesn't natively provide the functionality, then the custom driver is the way to go.

An occupancy sensor turn lights ON automatically upon the detection of motion then turns the lights OFF automatically soon after an area is vacated. A vacancy sensor requires manual activation of the lighting by the occupant then turns the lights OFF automatically soon after an area is vacated.


So explain the advantages please. I am intrigued.

But it does. That’s my point.


Can you set all those with the built in driver?

Can you do something like this in a RULE:

or maybe this one:

Don't have one (yet), so can't explain usage. I have one on order for the Master bedroom, where the SO doesn't like "lights on" with motion (occupancy mode), but always forgets to switch the light off (vacancy mode)

Either way, a similar effect can be achieved with RM or the like, but there is nothing that beats the speed of this device, which is the real reason I got it! If you think HE is fast, hardware integration blows that out of the water!


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Yes you can. But the rule doesn’t make sense.

Again just want to know how to use the internal capabilities. I purchased only because it is a motion and dimmer together. Though I still ended up adding another motion sensor as the Jasco sensor can’t detect as well as advertised.

So again just looking for reasons to use this over a motion sensor and smart dimmer. Cause my bathroom isn’t any better off right now with it due to the lack of motion sensitivity and visibility.

I think that's what's lost here. The REASON to not just set it to manual mode and let HE control turning on the light is because when this thing is in Occupancy mode it's basically an instant on light. You can have the best zwave/zigbee mesh...you still won't beat the speed of this motion sensor/light coming on.

A good example is one is in my half bath, that's a SMALL room. I want that light to come on the instant anyone gets inside (it's also a dark room). This achieves that. Then for the times I don't want the light coming on at all. I put it in manual mode and just use the motion sensor for other lights (this is the case in my Kitchen at night). No need for the overhead Kitchen lights on in the middle of the night. Just use the motion sensor in this and my pantry to trigger some undercabinet lights and the sink lights at a low level. Just enough to get your glass of water.

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Can you explain better the setup of the bathroom. Totally agree if this motion sensor can't see the room you will need more than one or a different setup. For most "1/2 bath" type setups this switch/sensor combo works great. However I find the motion sensor on mine to be excellent and picking up motion. Especially when set on "high"

which rule doesn't make sense?

The built motion sensors are fast but in my case if I had that switch I would need to be in the bathroom for the switch to activate. With my motion sensor set as soon as I hit the threshold of the bathroom the light is on even before I am fully in the bathroom.

Agreed, this doesn't always satisfy the situation if the motion sensor isn't in a great spot. This guy's use case is pretty much only if it's in a good spot as an only motion sensor or additional motion sensor for the room. At least in my house these work great in ALL of my bathrooms. Switch is right next to the door as you enter. In my kitchen I use it in combination with a motion sensor in my pantry. Between the two they see the whole kitchen/pantry area. In my masterbath I have an overhead AEON to see motion while in the shower. As this one doesn't have a view in there.

Also...in Occupancy mode...even if your RULE or HE isn't working...the lights still come on. I can tell you, without these. My house would have already rebelled against the HE hub...so they've got that going for them also. Because they also work without any hub or a downed hub.

Yeah make sense. In my master bath I just have the other bath lights stay on based on if the shower light is currently on and then motion sensor for all other times.