[RELEASE] FREE Meteobridge/Weatherbridge Weather Station v 1.1.*

@storageanarchy Thank you for the work you put into this. Works wonderfully! You should have "Developer" after your name like the rest of them.

How do I get rid of the "TWC weather data is not available on Hubitat - please configure DarkSky or MeteoBridge for forecast data" that keep showing up in my logs? Everything I do, it's still there... I like clean logs... :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment - I imagine I will eventually be awarded the "Programmer" badge.

That message should go away if you select to use either the MeteoBridge forecast data (requires a Davis weather station), or configure Dark Sky as your forecast source.

Otherwise, you can comment out the message in the source file...

I have used Meteobridge with an Ambient 1400ip weather station for years, so it doesn't require a davis.

I guess I wasn't clear - of course MeteoBridge supports pretty much any weather station you can imagine.

What I was trying to say is that the MeteoBridge API will only provide forecast data from Davis (Vantage) stations.

Ahh, I'll add dark sky just to get rid of the error. Thanks again for the hard work!