[RELEASE] Free Device Driver for the PurpleAir Air Quality Station - Now with Hubitat support!

Didn't work when device was set to private. Changed name to something obscure, and took off of map, so now don't care if public. Works this way.

There is PM1.0 and PM10 data generated from this device as well. Is this available through json, and if so, could it be added to device driver?


There are several additional data points provided by the device and available via the JSON interface.

However, the JSON only provides historical data for the PM2.5 metrics - everything else is provided only as the "current value." While it's not a big deal to collect and average all of these data points for historical display, it's not something I see myself getting around too because I have so many other projects underway.

Please, feel free to extend my code, if you'd like...

Silly question, but I don't see anything about a "Free PurpleAir Air Quality Station", as mentioned in the subject of this thread. What am I missing?

Sorry - I see the confusion. This thread is about the FREE device handler for your PurpleAir device. My code does not come with a free PurpleAir device, however.

I've updated the title of this thread.

Ah, man :frowning:...


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I thought perhaps that the thread was originally about some kind of promo deal for a free air quality station, and evolved into a driver discussion or something, but then I couldn't find any info about the promo in the thread...

Oh well. If you ever do decide to include a free purpleair device with your free code though, be sure to let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:


PurpleAir Air Quality Station Update posted on 22 Jan 2020 at 11:45am EST

Fixes & Enhancements include:

  • Now supports Private (hidden) stations - enter your Private Key in Device Preferences
  • Now handles Stations that are Flagged as having potentially bad data. For now, only detects which sensor is bad if one of them is returning all-zero values.
  • Made all of the extra attributes visible
  • Fixed RSSI display (valid value only comes on one sensor these days)

This update is highly recommended for all PurpleAir Air Quality Station users


PurpleAir Air Quality Station Update posted on 25 Jan 2020 at 2:15pm EST

Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Fixed incorrect averaging of dual Temperature and Humidity sensor reports
  • Added ability to apply "reference" temperature, relative humidity and/or barometric pressure.
    • Simply enter the current/correct reference value - ideally from a calibrated device - into Preferences, and then hit Save. The required offset to make the reported values match the reference setting is calculated and applied automatically.

Please Note: The Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure sensors inside the PurpleAir devices were never intended to be used as general-purpose sensors. They are included to help the on-board logic fine-tune the particle sensors, and they measure the ambient environment inside the device which is warmer and dryer than the outdoor ambient values.

However, applying reference offsets will make the values presented by this driver a closer approximation of the actual outdoor temperature, humidity and pressure.

This update is recommended for PurpleAir Air Quality Station users wanting a better alignment of reported Temperatures, Humidity and Barometric Pressure

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GIven recent events I'm looking for a good Air Quality monitor.
I'm debating if I care more about indoor or outdoor aid quality (or both), but the biggest gap I have is indoor right now given how good some of the stations are around me where I live.

Would people on this thread still recommend the PurpleAir indoor monitor, or should I be looking elsewhere? e.g. iqair's AirVisual Pro

Thank you for any HE friendly recommendations.

I have both indoor and outdoor set up. The indoor ones are not super great with aesthetics and I wish you could drop the intensity of the light at night but they work and in the Bay Area you need something. I find the indoor and outdoor useful and have set up and old fire device to display the local map. Had not seen this but will install and see how I can connect it to my LIFX bulbs.

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