[RELEASE] FOXX Project SmartSwitch Gen5 (Smart metering outlet/plug)

Modified an existing Z-Wave metering outlet device handler from ST to work with the FOXX Project SmartSwitch on Hubitat.


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I have a number of these
Thanks for your work on this Chris


No problem. I almost have all my devices support now and can start migrating everything over to Hubitat. :wink:
The Dashboard was the only thing I have really been missing to be able to have better control and not just automation. I know from the ST forums that you are mainly interested in automation. But, I actually want to get rid of ST. I would probably prefer running a rPi with Home Assistant for things that don’t work in Hubitat than keeping ST around any longer.

Of course an iOS app will be great as well. :slight_smile:

The only real big thing for me now is sonos (or other speakers)
As soon as we have Hubitat support for that I can do the big move:)

I don’t even need tts yet (although nice to have)
I’ve already ported my mp3 app which uses a local webserver to host the mp3s so am ready for speakers!



Sonos is soon, very very soon…

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