[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

Set it to 2 seconds and see what happens?

Hi Mark. Thank you for your input. I’ll try it. However, the error occurred 1min, 44sec after the last refresh - so I don’t have a lot of hope that the refresh is related. Like I said, it doesn’t happen during testing - so I’ll report back after it’s had a chance to run a few times on its own.
Btw: this is on a GNestMini
Thank you!

@bptworld would it be possible instead of sending initialize every x minutes, chang it so that it send the initialize command just before speaking?? That way it will be always alive and reduce pinging every 4 minutes or so

Nope, when this first came about it was determined to be the best way to do it. Never been an issue.

New version on GitHub...

Added the ability to 'Replay' the last message spoken through Follow Me. On demand using a virtual switch.

I have it setup in Google Routines that when I say, "Hey Google, what was that?" or "Hey Google, replay the last message". It turns the virtual switch on (switch is set to turn off after 1 second) triggering the last message to be played again. Works great!


Hi @bptworld thanks for creating such a great app and driver!
I feel really dumb here, but I've been trying to figure it out myself, but does not seem to work.

I have a google home mini (GHM) and I've connected it to Hubitat (thus I can control my smart devices connected in Hubitat through GHM).

Now, I'd like to use Hubitat to speak on GHM based on the rule I created.
The following steps have been done:

  1. Imported app: Follow Me (parent)
  2. Imported app: Follow Me (child)
  3. Imported driver: Follow Me driver
  4. Created a new virtual device using Follow Me Driver let's call this test-device a
  5. Created a new follow me child app and selected device A under speech device

The question is, how can I connect/point test-device a to access GHM? consider there is no option to select GHM IP address in test-device a config page.

Did I miss anything here? Should I install assistant-relay driver and point the 'follow me (parent)' app to this virtual device instead?
Thanks heaps!

Be sure you have your Google mini setup using the Chromecast Integration (beta).

Once that is setup and working, then move on to Follow Me.

Like the first lines state, the device created by Follow Me is the 'Catch' device (not your mini). This virtual device is the speaker device you would choose in another app (like RM or Event Engine :wink:) to send the speech to.

Further on down the options in FM, you'll select your actual Mini device (created by the Chromecast Integration). Specifically in the 'Chose Speech Synthesis Speaker' option.

Hope this helps

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I need a suggestion on how to handle Follow Me using Motion sensors.
I don't use presence sensors in my rooms, I use motion sensors only. Once a motion triggers, follow me shows my 'presence' in that room. The problem happens when I'm physically sitting still such as watching a movie or out of line of sight for my kitchen motion while eating dinner (dining room table is behind sensor).
How can I set Follow me, to keep active the last motion sensor I triggered? I also want to be careful that when Away mode follow me releases. All help is greatly appreciated! TY.

5 mins later - I'm still in the Office!!!

and now that I'm emboldened to post my question, I'll further add I have a harsh side effect when I walk outside for a cigarette -

So it would really be cool if a 'last active motion' rule, feature or whatever as I think that would end my 'hear messages in rooms I've left' problem!

I'll add it to the do to list.


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Can anybody please help me setup Echo Speaks and Follow Me? I am not able to get them working. I have alexa echo devices in my house. In case of notification, I am trying to make them speak "e.g. possible intrusion... or backyard door open" .
Am I supposed to give Echo Speaks, as the output of Follow Me somehow?

Echo Speaks:

Follow Me Home - child app

Follow me Away - child app

I can't help with Echo Speaks but we can test Follow Me.

First thing is to go to the Follow Me device

  • Scroll down to the 'Speak' box and put in 'Test' and hit the Speak button.

If nothing happened I will need to see a debug log. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks, I'll try that and report back. I have Alexa echo devices. To be able to use follow me, will i need to pass the notifications of follow me via echo speaks, or will "follow me" be able to speak notifications on Alexa devices, even without me installing echo speaks app?

Hitting the 'speak' button, nothing happened. The log says:

I have made two child apps. One for "home" - to send voice to alexa echo speakers, and one for "away", to send notification to Hubitat mobile apps.

You need to be able to speak to the echo's before using 'Follow Me'. Go into your speaker device and test from there. If they don't work, then Follow Me won't work either.

Don't do anything with Follow Me until you know your speakers are working on their own.

If speakers are working... Then let's move on to this:

Ah, the dreaded one line log. Please see post #1 on posting debug logs. Help me, help you.

Sonos + SpeechSynthesis + priority/voice should work, right?

Seeing an interesting issue:

If I use [F:0:1] for example, I can properly limit which speaker plays, but I cannot get it to play the various voices I have set. Is my FM instance just borked?

Also, can I have restrictions and quiet time, with the option to override those with high-priority? That would be really slick. I'm just now getting into priority/voice stuff, and up until now I had to use separate FM 'devices' to accomplish this.

I don't use any Sonos devices (all Google/Nest here). Try searching the thread for Sonos and see how others made out.


In terms of the "Voice Option Setup:" portion, does that look strange that all of the settings are 'voiceFun' and not the other options?

If I do a test sound from my speaker device(created by Echo Speaks), then the sound plays just fine on Alexa device.

By "enable debug", so you mean the below:

I have it enabled, but it is still just a single line in the log as shown below;

Got some more logs:

@bptworld it almost feels, as if the "speak" command is not being supported