[RELEASE] Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222

New release 1.7.7:

"releaseNotes": "Modified reinstall confirmation step (reset after 5 min.), added a switch for normal or inverted alarm NO/NC behavior, defaults to legacy (inverted), added logical operators and water/pressure capabilities to analog child",

To execute the reinstall command, you now have to first enable the "Enable 'reinstall" toggle switch and then "save preferences. The reinstall command will then be "live" for 5 minutes, after which the toggle will revert back to disabled.

The inputs, when configured as normally open or closed alarms were inverted when I first implemented the driver (normally open was normally closed and vice-versa). A new toggle switch was added to either keep that behavior or select a normal one. It defaults to the legacy behavior (inverted).

For the analog child, I added the water and pressure capabilities as well as some logical operators for the equations (and, or, not ). I now use an implant for a radon sump fan pressure sensor and another one for a water leak rope sensor.

New release 1.7.8:

"releaseNotes": "Adding parameter numbers to descriptions",

While I was at it this morning... This request was made previously and I can see the benefit when using the "Check Config" command and reading the corresponding log output.

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Thanks so much, again! Your eagle eyes noticed a 24v power supply, but its 12v. I must have repurposed a diagram and got sloppy.

I will internalize and work with these postings over the next couple of days and get back to you. This last diagram will be a big help!

Excellent, then you don't need the 400ohms resistor.

That worked great! Thanks!!

Sorry I didn't see the 'reinstall' post 14 in the thread, thanks for pointing me to it / adding to the top entry.

My child device now looks like yours, except it's missing the 'Status attribute for Devices/Rooms' in the bottom right corner of the Preferences section - is that useful and if so how could I add that?

Also, the device 'type' is now 'Fibaro FGBS-222 Child Analog Input' but is not grayed out and I can still change it but won't.

Voltage now reports to the child every change but no more frequently than every 30 seconds (acceptable for my intents) - I've made a rule to trigger lights off when voltage (custom attribute of child device) drops below 20v and turns lights back on when back over 20v.

I'll use the polling suggestion if I want voltage readings more often.

Thanks again!!

No idea, I didn't use the Hubitat rooms feature yet. That attribute is added by the Hub, maybe you are using an older hub release?

Glad to see that it worked out!

We ALL were!!! Don't feel bad!
This community is VERY helpful so don't hesitate to ask questions.
We ALL learn!