[RELEASE] Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441)

This one is a bit clunky… but it works!!


I guess you didn’t need the color class after all, :grinning:

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I had a really hard time porting this one over… not just the color class, so I chopped it right down to the basics.

Still a bit buggy in regards to adjusting brightness, my device is only accepting up to 50% (but is physically running at 100%) and also rejects 5%, 20% and a few other seemingly random levels in between.

Also the orange and purple color buttons fail when brightness is at 1%… but all the other colours work fine, can’t see any reason why, they follow the exact same logic path which I confirmed by adding a tonne of debugging logs (stripped out for release).


Thanks for your Dimmer 2 driver, it works perfectly!

I have tried to installed the Fibaro RGBW driver but I am getting the error message below:

thanks for all your great work!

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odd… works fine for me here…

Just in case I messed up the copy-paste into GitHub, I’ve re-committed the file.

Can you try again?

just tried it, still not working, I will have a play with it later today.

Thanks Dale

I don’t suppose you’re accidentally pasting it into the apps section instead of drivers?

Disappointed that I updated my hub today only to break my Fibaro RGBW setup.

dev1523834495248934636003.groovy: 325: unable to resolve class hubitat.zwave.commands.colorcontrolv1.CapabilityReport @ line 325, column 16. def zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.colorcontrolv1.CapabilityReport cmd, Map item1) { ^ 1 error


Just comment that line out, that report is not being used, and that class was removed.

Will do when I’m on PC… thanks.

Do you publish release notes so we can decide what will break on each update and tweak before it breaks?

Yes, we publish release notes.

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