[RELEASE] Event Engine - Automate your world with easy to use Cogs. Rev up complex automations with just a few clicks!

This is amazing work - the promise of the ballet of "home automation" has to date been frustrated by the stomping of the muddy boots of primitive and inflexible sets of rules.

While getting a Hubitat to do anything has an up-front learning curve about as steep as the one required in assembling a 1970s Lotus 7 Series 4 from a quarter-finished effort abandoned by a "more sensible" man, this kind of thing makes up for the lack of a thorough step-by-step guide for beginners.

RM is great, but this is much more useful for things people actually want to do, and allows them to express themselves in a manner that is more natural, complete with exceptions to the rules added as an afterthought - 'cause that's when you think of them!


New version on GitHub...

1.0.3 - 09/07/20 - Fixed typo with Modes. Added Locks and Garage Door to Triggers/Actions. Can add in premade periodic expressions.


Put in new child app. Went to refresh existing rule and get this crash and message in the logs when I try to view the rule.

very weird, not able to reproduce. All child apps or just one?

It's like I live in Christmas Town! ;




I only have that one. I can force delete it . I was keeping it in case you want more info

Iā€™m noticing if you select the notification action, you lose the drop down to change actions. So you end up having to remove the child and start over if you want to change to a different action.

Yup - right here!

Curious, @bptworld, how Refresh could be used. As in to refresh status of a switch or contact sensor that isn't reporting regularly?

Yup, just uploaded a new version.

New Version on GitHub...

1.0.4 - 09/07/20 - Fixed NASTY bug in Actions


Not what I was asking. I know how to select a rule. But I dont want to run a rule only the rule actions. The question is does it run and evaluate the entire rule or only the actions and what happens if the actions are conditional.

Yes, I use it on my Washer and Dryer plugs to make sure I have the correct status. Refreshes every 5 minutes. Makes the announcements more reliable and timely.

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Cool...not much more annoying than going into get laundry that really isn't done.

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You'll have to 'try it' and let us all know. I don't have RM installed. :wink:

put in new new version . works now now error

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weird didnt notify me and even when i manually said check for update found nothing.. Useless to me.. I punted it.

Might be taking a bit to update across servers...I have seen that, no update notification, but if I go in and look for updates, they are there.

I created a rule to toggle my patio light when the back door is opened between 7PM to 6AM (with time frame crossing over midnight), but the light is still toggling in the middle of the day.

Also, is there a way to have "Operate between sunset and sunrise"?

Be sure to flip the switch if 'time frame cross over midnight'.

edit: reading your post again, I think you're saying you did use the switch... I'll look into it. Thanks

I can add it, already do this in my 'Room Director' app. :wink:


New version on GitHub...

1.0.5 - 09/07/20 - Reworked Time/Days trigger, added Sunset to Sunrise option.

Everyone needs to go in to each child app and redo your triggers!


thanks update worked fine this time and using package manager.. redid the time trigger.

Noticed it doesnt appear to be saving the debug setting as i want to see what happens the first time it runs tonight. It seems to turn off by itself. I guess thats normal..

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