[RELEASE] Eufy Security (Abandoned)

It's not supported yet but plan to add it once I figure out the correct values

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Just released v0.05 which sets the battery value now


Wow, that's great! :+1: :beers:

AWESOME - A gift @amosyuen Thank you so much.

Installed through HPM, not issues.

Connected up easily - found all 12 devices!

Has created 10 devices, but nothing for the Door/Window Sensors is to be expected?

Anyway to get the Door/Window Sensors working?

For the record it looks like the following were detected and Devices were created successfully and appear to be working

2k Battery Doorbell
eufyCam 2 (365 Day Battery)
2k Cam Pan & Tilt
2k Indoor Cam

Entry Sensor - detected on install but no devices created

I haven't created a driver for door/window sensors. Unfortunately I don't have any so can't test myself, but if you're willing to be a guinea pig I can write one based on other code out there and you can test for me. Since the updates ar polling though, the sensors will be a bit delayed.

I also don't have any indoor cameras, can you verify whether the capabilities listed in the first post ([RELEASE] Eufy Security (Alpha) - Community Apps - Hubitat) work for the indoor cameras?

Absolutely, more than happy to.

Will do.

Will return shortly

First of all it detected ALL Eufy Security devices in the house:-

I tested some controls on the Camera 2's and not entirely sure they are working.

I can turn OFF the Camera 2, I can see in the log that OFF has been passed to the Camera.

Kill iOS Eufy Security App and restart app and Camera is ON.

Same happens vice versa.

Same test with HE Device showing Camera is ON with Motion Detection OFF.

Same again with iOS App The Camera Settings are NOT reflecting the HE device Settings.
Battery level inDevice is the same as the Battery level on device.

Switching Camera to Surveillance from Battery on the Device settings has not impact on the Device.

Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera
The Camera has three settings for Detection - Person, Pet and All other motion, the DEVICE has only two settings Human and All.
The Pan & Tilt is only USB powered so has no Power Settings - but the DEVICE does.
Most of the controls in the DEVICE appear to have no impact on the Camera settings at all

For Indoor Cameras - Pan & Tilt

  • Turn on or off - No
  • Get battery - Yes - It is showing current battery level (at time of initial install at least)
  • Get and set audio recording setting -No
  • Get and set motion detection setting - no
  • Get and set dection type setting - no
  • Get and set dection sensitivity setting - no
  • Get and set power mode setting - No (not relevant for USB powered devices)
  • Get and set record clip length setting - no
  • Get and set record retrigger interval setting - no
  • Get and set snooze - no

I am going to uninstall the Eufy Security HE App and devices and start form the beginning again to be sure.

OK Re-installed EUFY Security App.

Found all 12 devices I added only one of each type.

First I checked

Camera 2 House Approach

The HE Device reports Camera is OFF - EUFY App shows ON

**** Hang on The Camera is now showing as OFF

SO it is working - it can just take a very long time for EUF App to show it.

Retesting Indoor cams

Trying to set attributes through hubitat for Cam2's and other devices that are directly connected to a hub have known problems. Unfortunately this is a limitation on the eufy API. Reading attributes should work though.

Devices connected through wifi should generally work. But the indoor camera may use different codes for their params.

Ok at least getting Battery levels - I'll create a graph to see if they are being updated.

If they are that will be helpful so I can setup an alert when they are getting low if nothing else.

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Love that there are drivers for Eufy on Hubitat! I have this one installed, but notice there wasn't any light functionality for the Eufy floodlight cameras. Any chance it'd be relatively easy to add light on/off and brightness capabilities into this? Is that even feasible?

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Shouldn't be too hard, but will need help figuring out the parameter ids and values. I added some steps in the first post for "Adding Features". Could you follow those?

Thanks for pointing that out. Followed the instructions. Looks like it captured the changing of the brightness of the lights, but I turned them on and off about 5 different times, refreshed, and it didn’t seem to capture that piece.

Would love floodlight integration. The current light settings are fairly limited. Would love a way to turn on motion detection for only part of the night and to use an offset from sunset.

Could you capture the values at min brightness and max brightness?

For motion detection at certain times use Rule Machine and call the motionDetectionOn() and motionDetectionOff() at the times you want.

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I published a beta version that includes a separate driver for floodlight that has an option to set brightness and turn on / off floodlight.

You'll need to:

  1. Opt-in to beta in HPM settings
  2. Update Eufy Security
  3. Manually update the device driver to the new "Eufy Security Floodlight Camera" (or delete and re-add the device)

The on/off for the floodlight is just a guess based on some other code I saw out there. I'm not too optimistic since you didn't see any param changes when you turned it on / off, but we can give it a try.

Hey, sorry for the delay on this. Have been out of town. Values are below for the highest brightness (bottom) and lowest (top). Should be 100 as the brightest and 22 as the lowest.

I went into HPM, checked the beta box, clicked update and selected Eufy Security (although it said Alpha and not Beta). From there I went in to update my driver for the device and Eufy Security Floodlight Camera was not an option...

The Eufy Security app is showing Version: 0.0.6 - 2020-03-26. Did I miss a step somewhere?